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After Hydrogen Bikes, CNG Motorcycles Are Now Becoming A Reality

Kawasaki HySE Prototype 1

[ad_1] Summary Industry giants are exploring bio-fuels over EVs due to challenges in electric powertrains. Bajaj Auto is developing a unique CNG-powered motorcycle set to debut in June 2024. The innovative design includes horizontal CNG storage cylinder, bespoke trellis chassis, and an auxiliary petrol tank for emergencies. Let’s face it, electric powertrains are not replacements … Read more

Toyota’s Hydrogen Future Under Threat With The Closing Of Fuelling Stations In The U.S.

Blue 2022 Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Toyota has been testing, teasing, and investing in hydrogen for quite some time. With the Mirai model, you saw the first mass-scale hydrogen vehicle from Toyota, and this marked a new dawn for the broader market. We all know EVs and PHEVs are the rage right now. Fine. But Toyota decided to push the … Read more

These Patent Claims Show Ferrari’s Interest In Hydrogen Combustion Engines

Red 2023 Toyota Mirai XLE

[ad_1] Summary Ferrari hints at groundbreaking projects including a hydrogen-powered car with an inline-six engine in the middle for efficiency and innovative design. The unique design features an upside-down engine layout, introducing new concepts like dry-sump lubrication and electric motor-assisted forced induction. While Ferrari explores hydrogen power, Toyota leads the way with its HCE technology … Read more

The Longest Range Hydrogen SUV In The World

A 3/4 front shot of a 2023 Hyundai Nexo driving

[ad_1] Hydrogen has long been thought of as the ultimate green fuel source. It creates zero emissions beyond water vapor, and instead of the long charging times of electric vehicles, hydrogen cars can fill up at a pump in just a short set of minutes. Having the best of both worlds when it comes to … Read more

The Longest-Range Hydrogen Car In The World

An action shot of the Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Hydrogen automotive technology has long been a vision for a green future in cars. The modern basis of fuel cell technology was invented all the way back in 1932, and the discovery that hydrogen could generate electricity at all happened in the 1800s. In 1966, Chevrolet introduced the Electrovan, the world’s first hydrogen fuel … Read more

Here’s What Makes Toyota’s Water-cooled Hydrogen Combustion Engine Unique

2024 Toyota Crown Z (FCEV)

[ad_1] Summary Hydrogen’s clean emissions, quick refueling, and high energy density make it a promising fuel for the future of transportation. Toyota’s innovative water-cooled hydrogen engine addresses the heat challenge, optimizing performance while reducing emissions. By embracing a multi-pronged approach, Toyota paves the way for a sustainable future, balancing EVs, hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell … Read more

15 Hydrogen Cars To Look Out For

Toyota Hilux

[ad_1] As the world pivots towards adopting electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions in the automobile industry, it’s imperative not to overlook another viable option with immense potential of taking zero-emission vehicles to new heights. We’re talking about hydrogen-powered vehicles, which have not yet received the same level of recognition as their counterpart electric vehicles. … Read more

10 Companies Deeply Invested In Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems

An action shot of the Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Summary Hydrogen fuel cells are back as a zero-emission vehicle option, offering quick refueling and long ranges for driving. Major automakers like Toyota, BMW, and Hyundai are leading the charge in hydrogen technology development for future vehicles. From fuel cell SUVs to high-powered hypercars, hydrogen is proving to be a versatile and powerful alternative … Read more

What Made The Erstwhile Nikola Badger Hydrogen Truck Special

[ad_1] The automotive landscape is littered with tantalizing glimpses of what could have been, concepts and prototypes that spark imaginations but never quite make it to the open road. Among these fallen stars, the Nikola Badger holds a unique place, not just for its futuristic design and bold promises, but for the void it left … Read more

10 Things To Know About Honda-GM’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership

An action shot of the Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] As the world starts to move away from Internal Combustion towards Battery Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell technology has started gaining traction among the big players in the automotive industry. None, however, have come close to the commercial viability of Toyota with the Mirai, Hyundai with the Nexo, and Honda with the Clarity FCV. As … Read more

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