The Short And Intriguing History Of V-16 And W-16 Engines

Shot of Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut running on a track.

Summary Luxury cars in the 1920s popularized larger V-8, V-12, and V-16 engines. V-16 engines were powerful and smooth but costly to produce in early 1900s cars. Marmon’s V-16 debut rivaled the V-12, while Cadillac’s W-16 made the V-16 less popular. The production of automobiles started life with relatively small engines, but as luxury cars … Read more

Toyota diesel engines cleared by authorities, shipping ban lifted after test cheating admission

Three Toyota engines have been cleared by Japanese officials after the car giant admitted a month ago to modifying them for certification testing. View 5 images Three Toyota diesel engines – the certification testing of which Toyota publicly admitted to finding “inconsistencies” in, and modifications not included to customer vehicles – have been cleared by Japanese … Read more

Here’s Why V4 Engines Are So Uncommon In Cars

Blue 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL43

Summary Inline-four engines dominate cars today due to simplicity and cost-efficiency, making V-4 engines a rarity on the road. V-4 engines are compact but complex, leading to limited use in cars, despite being common in high-end motorcycles. Porsche’s 919 Hybrid V-4 engine showcased the potential of V-4 design, reaching 900+ horsepower with a hybrid system. … Read more

What Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cells And Combustion Engines Mean For Its EV Future

Kenworth Toyota fuel cell electric hydrogen

Toyota hasn’t been as active as most automakers when it comes to producing BEVs, and it doesn’t look like it will change drastically in the future. The Japanese stalwart of automotive reliability has taken an uneven and sometimes hesitant approach to moving beyond engines. The company got a dazzling start when it introduced the car-buying … Read more

Ranking Ford Coyote V-8 Engines Based On Tuning Potential

Gen 4 Coyote Engine

The Ford Mustang has always been the definitive Pony car even after the Camaro’s introduction in 1967. At the time of writing this, the Ford Mustang is in its seventh generation, not cunting the all-electric Mustang Mach-E. Aside from the smog-era models, each generation Mustang became measurably better. While the Mustang’s chassis has evolved over … Read more

10 Companies Deeply Invested In Hydrogen Combustion Engines

Hydrogen combustion engine technology is gradually emerging as a viable solution in the pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions. With governments doing everything to reduce carbon footprints, hydrogen’s potential as a clean and efficient energy source has come to the fore, with companies like Toyota and Honda investing in its development. Most investments in hydrogen as … Read more

The Real Reason Why All American Cruiser Motorcycles Have V-twin Engines

BMW R 18 Dragster

Summary American culture, patriotism, and heritage play a significant role in why American motorcycle manufacturers stick with V-twin engines. V-twin engines are easier to work on, making them popular among American bikers, especially those who grew up during the Great Depression and World War II. V-twin engines offer a usable power band, torquey performance, and … Read more

Toyota committed to developing new internal-combustion engines

While most brands are focussed on electric vehicles the world’s largest car is not giving up on internal combustion engines. View 3 images Toyota has reaffirmed it is developing new internal combustion engines as it sees battery-electric vehicle sales limited ‘regardless of technical advances’. Speaking at the Toyota Group Vision Briefing in Nagoya, Japan, Toyota chairman … Read more

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