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How Subaru’s New Ignition Technology Could Keep The Combustion Engine Alive

Silver Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept

[ad_1] With the automotive landscape shifting toward clean energy and less waste, combustion engines are edging closer and closer to the chopping block. Hybrids and EVs offer more benefits with regard to reduced emissions, reduced fuel costs, and less demanding internal power operations. Simply put, clean energy is becoming a larger part of society, it’s … Read more

These Patent Claims Show Ferrari’s Interest In Hydrogen Combustion Engines

Red 2023 Toyota Mirai XLE

[ad_1] Summary Ferrari hints at groundbreaking projects including a hydrogen-powered car with an inline-six engine in the middle for efficiency and innovative design. The unique design features an upside-down engine layout, introducing new concepts like dry-sump lubrication and electric motor-assisted forced induction. While Ferrari explores hydrogen power, Toyota leads the way with its HCE technology … Read more

Here’s What Makes Toyota’s Water-cooled Hydrogen Combustion Engine Unique

2024 Toyota Crown Z (FCEV)

[ad_1] Summary Hydrogen’s clean emissions, quick refueling, and high energy density make it a promising fuel for the future of transportation. Toyota’s innovative water-cooled hydrogen engine addresses the heat challenge, optimizing performance while reducing emissions. By embracing a multi-pronged approach, Toyota paves the way for a sustainable future, balancing EVs, hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell … Read more

What Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cells And Combustion Engines Mean For Its EV Future

Kenworth Toyota fuel cell electric hydrogen

[ad_1] Toyota hasn’t been as active as most automakers when it comes to producing BEVs, and it doesn’t look like it will change drastically in the future. The Japanese stalwart of automotive reliability has taken an uneven and sometimes hesitant approach to moving beyond engines. The company got a dazzling start when it introduced the … Read more

10 Companies Deeply Invested In Hydrogen Combustion Engines

[ad_1] Hydrogen combustion engine technology is gradually emerging as a viable solution in the pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions. With governments doing everything to reduce carbon footprints, hydrogen’s potential as a clean and efficient energy source has come to the fore, with companies like Toyota and Honda investing in its development. Most investments in hydrogen … Read more

How Hydrogen Combustion Engines Will Challenge The EV Market At Its Core

[ad_1] Electric vehicles (EVs) may reign supreme in the clean transportation conversation, but a silent revolution is brewing beneath the hood of a different technology: the hydrogen combustion engine (HCE). The story of hydrogen as a fuel stretches back centuries. In 1766, Henry Cavendish first identified and isolated hydrogen, recognizing its unique properties. Throughout the … Read more

10 Things To Know About Toyota’s Hydrogen Combustion Engine

[ad_1] As fossil fuels become less viable, car companies have begun searching for alternative fuel sources. For the past 20 years, Toyota has been exploring a unique option: hydrogen. While previously it had used the first element to power an electric motor, the automaker is now working on a new technology. Toyota is currently developing … Read more

How Toyota’s Water-Cooled Hydrogen Combustion Engine Could Serve As A High-performance Alternative To EVs

[ad_1] For decades, the narrative around the future of mobility has been largely dominated by the meteoric rise of electric vehicles (EVs). Their promise has captured the imagination of consumers and governments alike, prompting an unprecedented transition within the automotive industry. Yet, amidst the electric surge, a different path quietly emerges: one paved with hydrogen, … Read more

The Lotus Emira Is An Ode To Internal Combustion Joy

[ad_1] 2024 Lotus Emira V-6 The First Edition Lotus Emira V-6 is entering the North American market for 2024 after a long awaited arrival from Europe. The Emira is shown here in V-6 spec, with a manual transmission and sports suspension, represents the most interactive and extreme version of Lotus’s new coupe. Model Emira Engine: … Read more

Toyota’s Water-Cooled Hydrogen Combustion Engine Is Proof Of Its Commitment To A Hydrogen-powered Future

[ad_1] The quest for alternative fuel sources has captivated the automotive industry, and Toyota’s recent patent for a water-cooled hydrogen combustion engine throws open a new chapter in this dynamic narrative. This innovation signifies a bold departure from the dominant electric vehicle (EV) narrative, venturing into the uncharted territory of high-performance, clean-burning hydrogen engines. Unlike … Read more

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