Bad Credit, Bright Future: Securing Affordable Auto Insurance With Bad Credit – 🚗 SuvVehicle

Subscribing to auto insurance can more often than not feel like driving through a hailstorm with a cracked windshield. Throw bad credit into the mix, and it might seem like you’re destined for sky-high premiums and an empty wallet. But hold on tight, fellow driver! While a lower credit score can impact your rates, it … Read more

Future Ford Vehicles The Most Comfortable On The Road? A New Patent Filing Says Maybe!

2024 Ford Performance Mustang GT3

Summary Ford’s unique patent reveals a visionary natural active suspension system and centerless wheel design for future vehicles. The design’s versatility makes it a potential game-changer in personal and public transportation, opening doors to innovative vehicle types. Practical challenges may delay large-scale production, but Ford’s commitment to exploring cutting-edge technology remains evident. The editorial team … Read more

6 current & 4 future models

The pickup truck is the most popular passenger vehicle segment in the United States. Americans, for years, have been resonating with the practicality of the pickup—the high-riding position, the ability to wander off the beaten path, and most importantly, the payload and towing capacity. According to data gathered by Car and Driver, the top three … Read more

The Vision Neue Klasse X Concept Gives Us A Glimpse Of BMW’s Future Electric SUVs

BMW Vision Neue Klasse front shot

Summary BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse series will usher in total electrification and redefine BMW’s traditional features. Next-generation electric vehicles will feature powerful, integrated computing systems for unprecedented performance. The Vision Neue Klasse X SUV’s cabin will provide a personalized experience with advanced technology and brighter color schemes. When BMW showcased its Vision Neue Klasse electric … Read more

How Bankruptcy Affects The Future Of The Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup Truck

Lordstown Endurance parked

Lordstown Motors started out with a bang. Its Endurance pickup was featured at the White House in 2020 with President Trump praising the design. “This is incredible”, Trump said in describing the truck. Trump went on to describe the benefits that the company would bring to Lordstown Ohio, with the founder Steve Burns claiming 100,000 … Read more

2026 Sony Honda Mobility Afeela First Look: If This is The Future, Driving Ain’t In It2026 Sony Honda Mobility Afeela First Look: If This is The Future, Driving Isn’t

Honda Sony Afeela Concept

Over the past four years we’ve seen more than a few teases from Sony and Honda, touting an upcoming autonomous EV. According to Afeela’s spokespeople, this new joint venture of Sony and Honda (referred to as Sony Honda Mobility) promises to bring an entirely new paradigm to the automotive experience, and after our first in-person … Read more

Future Hyundai Ioniq 3 could come in economy & performance versions

Update: ‘Hyundai eM platform’ section revised, new image+caption added, and all sections edited to reflect the latest developments. Hyundai Motor Group’s new plant in Singapore will be a shot in the arm for the brand and boost its manufacturing prowess. The Straits Times reported on October 13, 2020, that a Hyundai Ioniq 3 electric SUV is in … Read more

Ford patents new-design ‘drift mode’ feature on future petrol and electric cars

A patented drift technology from Ford shows an artificial handbrake to initiate a slide, unlike most which use power. View 5 images US car maker Ford has filed a patent application for a new type of drift mode feature for electric and petrol-powered cars. As reported by Motor Authority, the patent was submitted in September 2020 … Read more

Looking Into The Future Of Battery Electric Vehicles With The Society Automotive Analysts

Red Tesla Model Y driving

The automotive landscape is becoming ever more confused as we work solidly into the middle part of the decade. What governments are demanding automakers to produce, what consumers want to buy, and what automakers would like to build have passed an inflection point and are beginning to diverge rapidly. With the Consumer Electronic trade show … Read more

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