Fastest Hybrid Car In The World In 2024: Highest Top Speed

TTS SuperBusa CarWow

Hybrid cars, trucks, and SUVs have taken the world by storm in recent years. You have regular hybrids that use electric motors to help power everyday driving, while plug-in hybrids let you go all-electric and have the ability to charge. However, through this added electricity, we’re also seeing incredible top speeds achieved by hybrids versus … Read more

10 Quickest V8 Pickup Trucks In The World, Ranked

We live in an era where the propulsion system of the automobile has become a hotbed for polemical language more than ever before. Ever-tightening emissions regulations have prompted big changes in the automotive industry. These changes have had significant consequences, namely, the slow disappearance of the much-beloved V-8 engine. Though sad for car and truck … Read more

Fastest Electric Motorcycle In The World In 2024: Highest Top Speed

Zero SR-X Huge Moto 3

Summary Lightning LS-218 set the land speed record at 218 mph, breaking the record for the fastest electric motorbike in the world. Lightning is developing Tachyon Nb, aiming to break the 250 mph record, using generative AI design and advanced materials. The Lightning LS-218 boasts 244 horsepower, 220 pound-feet of torque, and a 0-60 mph … Read more

The Longest-Range Hydrogen Car In The World

An action shot of the Toyota Mirai

Hydrogen automotive technology has long been a vision for a green future in cars. The modern basis of fuel cell technology was invented all the way back in 1932, and the discovery that hydrogen could generate electricity at all happened in the 1800s. In 1966, Chevrolet introduced the Electrovan, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered … Read more

The Highest-Mileage Toyota Prius Hybrid In The World In 2024

The Toyota Prius has become synonymous with long-lasting quality, fuel efficiency, good pricing, and a more recent redesign. Of course, it’s not every day that you encounter a Prius that’s traveled half a million miles or more, as most people swap out their cars for the newest model: Which is where this story comes into … Read more

Cadillac V Plans On “‘Preserving The Spirit” In An Electrified World, Says Chief Engineer

White 2024 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

Summary Cadillac V’s brand identity is focused on track performance & enthusiasts’ preferences. GM learned the importance of the V brand and now delivers products as envisioned. Cadillac V is committed to maintaining an enthusiast-focused spirit through electrification. Ask any performance enthusiast today what comes to mind when they think about the Cadillac V performance … Read more

Fastest EV In The World In 2024: Highest Top Speed

Black and Green Rimac Nevera

The Rimac Nevera is officially the fastest production electric car available today, and it’s a record that might stand for quite some time. The Nevera is the brainchild of 36-year-old Croatian Mate Rimac, who began his EV endeavors when he was 19 years old. The Nevera represents peak EV performance, having secured the highest speed … Read more

Fastest Electric SUVs In The World

Black Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Whether you’re inspired by insane speed, acceleration, or just the good old-fashioned ‘wow’ factor, the modern electric SUV beasts have it all! They have been designed with great care and attention to detail to provide lightning-quick acceleration to take the breath away of every weekend warrior or professional racer. We have the ultimate EV powerhouses … Read more

The city with the worst traffic in the world

Susannah Guthrie has been a journalist for over a decade, covering everything from world news to fashion, entertainment, health and now cars. Having previously worked across titles like The New Daily, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, People Magazine and Cosmopolitan, Susannah now relishes testing family cars with the help of her husband and two-year-old son. Read more … Read more

The Highest-Mileage Tesla In The World In 2024

Tesla has always been one of the better brands for electric mileage and overall quality. Most drivers see their Teslas make it well beyond the 100,000-mile marker, although you’d be surprised how far these can truly travel. There have been impressive write-ups on owners boasting 500,000+ miles in as little as a few years of … Read more

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