What Made The Erstwhile Nikola Badger Hydrogen Truck Special

[ad_1] The automotive landscape is littered with tantalizing glimpses of what could have been, concepts and prototypes that spark imaginations but never quite make it to the open road. Among these fallen stars, the Nikola Badger holds a unique place, not just for its futuristic design and bold promises, but for the void it left … Read more

10 Cool Details You Need To Know About The Nikola Badger Hydrogen Truck

[ad_1] Despite the anticipation and promise of what the Tesla-killer Nikola Badger would’ve been, the innovative pickup truck was met with an untimely death in 2020 when General Motors withdrew from its partnership with Nikola. It had a proposed price tag between $60,000 and $80,000, making it a premium electric pickup offering. Offered in either … Read more

Why Nikola Should Consider Revisiting The Badger Hydrogen Truck

[ad_1] The landscape of the automotive industry is in flux, with electric vehicles (EVs) surging in popularity and the search for cleaner fuel sources intensifying. Amidst this shift sits the Nikola Badger, a hydrogen-powered pickup truck that garnered significant attention before abruptly disappearing from the horizon. A young company named Nikola, born in 2015, arrived … Read more

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