10 Fastest Motorcycles Under $10,000


Honda Most motorcycle lovers believe that having a quick, exciting bike is economically unattainable. After all, performance and pace tend to be expensive. But things are starting to change as the middleweight segment picks up and fortunately, you don’t need to spend all of your money to get your hands on a fast bike. There … Read more

10 Fastest American Motorcycles In 2024


Historically, American motorcycle culture hasn’t been about aggressive riding or reaching 60 mph in a couple of seconds. Such craving for speed is more commonly associated with Italian and Japanese manufacturers. However, certain discrete efforts were documented, such as the Harley-Davidson V-R1000, Mission R, and Fischer MRX 650. These vehicles demonstrated some astounding top speeds, … Read more

10 Used Motorcycles With Great Resale Value


Nowadays, there are many options available if you want a reputable used motorcycle. This includes a broad range of bikes that are fun, easy to ride, good-looking, great handling, and sufficiently powerful. A brand-new motorcycle might have a unique charm, but realistic riders also think about the long-term cost; welcome to the world of motorcycle … Read more

10 Most Powerful Touring Motorcycles In 2024

Image of a orange KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

Summary Dedicated touring motorcycles offer superior comfort, safety, performance, and reliability for long-distance riding. They provide an unmatched blend of features and are designed for endless highways. The top ten most powerful touring motorcycles in 2024 across various segments have been compiled based on their horsepower. From classic cruisers to sporty adventure bikes, there is … Read more

The Best 3-Wheel Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2024

There’s a variety of very legitimate reasons why you would choose a 3-wheel bike over a traditional 2-wheel setup. No matter how you justify it (stability, wanting to upgrade due to age/disability, or simply love the look of them), there are plenty of trike options on the market. They vary from ostentatious to fun, speedy … Read more

10 Smallest V-Twin Engine Motorcycles Beginners Will Enjoy


The V-twin engine configuration is one of the most recognizable for motorcycles, and the idling ‘potato potato’ sound of a long-stroke, high-torque V-twin has been the soundtrack of the American motorcycling landscape for over a century. It is understandable if, as a beginner, you want to skip the single-cylinder motorcycles and get to the good … Read more

Savic Motorcycles New C-Series EV Two-Wheeler

Known for their high-performance electric motorcycles (and winning some design awards along the way), Australia-based Savic Motorcycles unleashed the new C-Series. With fewer moving parts and less servicing, the company believes the merits of an all-electric two-wheeler outweigh the old gas-guzzlers. We’re not abandoning old-school bikes just yet, but this C-Series excites us about a … Read more

10 Heavy Cruiser Motorcycles Beginners Can Upgrade To

2021 Harley-Davidson Sportster S cruiser

You’ve been riding motorcycles for a while, but you’re tired of your little beginner bike, and feel it’s time for an upgrade. Chances are, over the time you’ve learned how to ride, you’ve figured out your riding style. And if you’ve chosen to go down the cruiser route, you’re in luck. Today, the cruiser segment … Read more

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