History And Mystery Of The Harley Davidson WLA “Liberator”

2017 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle

Summary The WLA Liberator, based on the WL model, was the first military motorcycle produced by Harley-Davidson for WWII and Korean War use. With high durability and a powerful engine, the Liberator earned its nickname while serving the Allied Forces in liberating cities from German occupation. After the war, many ex-service Liberators were sold to … Read more

10 Awesome Motorcycles We Wish Would Make A Comeback

Ducati 916

The modern motorcycle is an incredible technical tour de force, with dynamic, performance, and electronic qualities that are light years ahead of bikes from even 20 years ago, let alone 50 or 60 years ago. No matter how good they are, however, that doesn’t stop us from having a soft spot for particular models from … Read more

Why The Crocker V-Twin Is Worth A Million Dollars

Flying Merkel studio shot

Summary An American Crocker V-Twin commanded a million-dollar price tag at auctions. The Crocker V-Twin was faster and more powerful than Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles. Crocker built bikes around the rider, offering customizability and a money-back guarantee. Every now and then, Brough Superiors and Vincent motorcycles steal the spotlight as exclusive, bespoke relics of the … Read more

Münch Mammoth: Germany’s First Superbike Featured A Four-Cylinder Car Engine

Triumph Trident 750 static shot

Summary Germany’s first superbike, the Münch Mammoth, had the most powerful motorcycle engine of its time and could reach speeds up to 120 MPH in top gear. The Mammoth featured chassis innovations like a magnesium front brake and a sealed drive chain, but it had a reputation for chewing through rear tires quickly. Over 500 … Read more

10 Classic Yamaha Motorcycles With Impressive Power

A parked 1984 Yamaha RD500LC YPVS

Summary Key takeaways: Yamaha motorcycles from the 80s and 90s were loved for their solid performance and simple technology. The Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special, TZR250 SP, and RZV500 were iconic bikes from that era that had high power and torque. The Yamaha R7 OW07, XJR1300 SP, R6, FZR750R OW01, VMAX 1200, FZR1000 EXUP, and R1 … Read more

Classic Honda Motorcycles You Can Buy For Cheap

2003 Harley-Davidson XL883R Sportster

Every year, manufacturers release a slew of new motorcycles. Each one is better than the previous, with features upon modern features. There are rider aids, creature comforts, premium materials, rider modes, cruise control, and safety tech. We, as riders, have never had it better, when it comes to having motorcycle choices. But sometimes, all you … Read more

Vincent Black Shadow History and Pricing


Summary Vincent Motorcycles, though largely forgotten, produced the legendary Black Shadow, one of the most well-designed and respected motorcycles ever made. The Black Shadow was a high-performance machine, with a 998cc engine capable of producing 52 horsepower and reaching speeds of up to 125 miles per hour. The Black Shadow’s premium quality, hand-built construction and … Read more

10 Fastest 80s Motorcycles That Still Pack A Punch

By the 1980s, the Japanese influence on sports motorcycles that had started in 1969 with the Honda CB750 was in full swing and the definition of the sports bike had developed out of all recognition of anything that had been before. While the market was dominated by the big four Japanese manufacturers, the Germans, and … Read more

10 Classic Kawasaki Motorcycles That Are Now Worth A Fortune

In 2022, Kawasaki celebrated the golden jubilee of its iconic Z series, marking fifty years since the debut of its first Z motorcycle by the Akashi firm. In a way, Kawasaki must be glad they went back to the drawing board because a pivotal moment occurred in 1972 when Kawasaki unveiled the Z1. This four-stroke, … Read more

10 Most Exotic Superbikes From The 90s

The word ‘exotic’ means ‘originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country’, which technically makes all motorcycles that aren’t made nearby exotic. However, the word carries much more meaning in a two-wheeled context: it means that the desirability of the motorcycle in question was the maximum possible. Desirability is a combination of eye-popping specs, … Read more

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