The 2024 Chevrolet Traverse: All the information is available here

The 2024 Chevrolet Traverse: All the information is available here

A minivan is definitely a better option if you’re looking for a large family car but don’t want to spend the type of cash required to purchase a full-size SUV like a Chevrolet Suburban. However, we understand that some people would rather have a car for family outings than a minivan; in that case, they probably choose a crossover. In that scenario, the largest Chevrolet Traverse available for purchase is the 2024 model. Although the Traverse has long been known as the largest crossover in America, it wasn’t the most expensive choice in its class. The 2024 Chevrolet Traverse: All the information is available here.The 2024 Chevrolet Traverse: All the information is available here

In 2024, Chevy brought a number of new amenities to the Traverse, including a standard 17.7-inch touchscreen display.a tough Z71 trim level, available Super Cruise hands-free driving, and more. Additionally, the Traverse receives a new, more economical four-cylinder turbocharged engine that generates 328 horsepower—more than the previous V6. Thanks to these modifications, it goes from being a big, attractive alternative to a truly formidable rival in the full-size crossover market.

Outside: Athletic or Rugged

Although it has never been the most visually appealing car in Chevy’s inventory, the 2024 redesign enhances the family hauler’s street appeal in a number of ways. Even the less visually striking base LS and LT models are available with a $1,785 Midnight/Sport Edition Package that includes 20-inch black wheels.

The Z71 pushes the Traverse into more difficult terrain than it has previously gone at the top of the trim lineup. To complete the look, the Z71 gets underbody skid plates, 18-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, a one-inch raise package, and tow hooks. This is one of the more comprehensive off-road kits available for a three-row mainstream crossover, but it won’t make Jeep quiver in dread. It also indicates that, in terms of size, the Z71 is on the taller and wider end of the spectrum:

With sport suspension and 22-inch gloss black wheels, the Traverse RS takes a distinct approach. Blackout highlights reminiscent of the Midnight/Sport Edition are applied to this variant.However, it also includes front and rear lighting animations. The Z71 is the only trim available in Harvest Bronze, a greenish-gold color that has an outdoorsy appearance befitting its name, while the RS is the only trim available in Stardust Metallic, a distinctive purple hue.

Interior: Large Screens, Large Cabin

For drivers who picked up their keys at the rental counter, the previous Traverse’s basic interior was adequate. With significant interior redesigns, the third-generation Traverse transforms from a simple crossover into a cutting-edge vehicle. The largest touchscreen in this class, measuring 17.7 inches diagonally, offers ample space for the integrated Google Maps and other essential features.The audio and climate control knobs and buttons are still physically present on the Chevy, but the touchscreen is the sole way to turn on the lights.

The large screens make even the standard LS trim appear luxurious inside. Basic black fabric is included with the LS, but optional black Evotex seats or the Gideon (gray) material are added on the LT. Choosing the tough Z71 adds cloth or optional Evotex seats, as well as red dash accents. Red accents can be found on the dash and seats of the RS, which comes standard with heated and ventilated leather seats up front.

Performance: Increased Torque with Fewer Cylinders

The 3.6-liter normally aspirated V6 engine in the departing Traverse had strong horsepower for the class but mediocre torque.A 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that draws largely from the 2.7-liter Colorado pickup truck engine has taken its place. This new engine outperforms the original V6 with 328 horsepower and 326 lb-ft of torque, gains of 18 horsepower and 60 lb-ft, despite having fewer cylinders. These numbers put the Chevy Traverse at the top of the class for standard power; only a few more expensive models in the class can match it. Power is sent to the front wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission, or to the optional all-wheel drive (standard on the Z71).Although the efficiency benefits aren’t particularly large, they are nonetheless beneficial given the rise in power and torque. Up to 5,000 pounds of towing capacity is the same as with the model from previous year.

Fuel Economy Comparison: 2023 vs. 2024
2023 Traverse 2024 Traverse
FWD: 18/27/21 mpg FWD: 20/27/23 mpg
AWD: 17/25/20 mpg AWD: 19/24/21 mpg

Driving Experience: Uninteresting yet Cozy

Even though Chevy made significant improvements to the interior quality and appearance, the Traverse is still not the most thrilling crossover to drive. While the Traverse’s on-center vagueness is somewhat by the addition of weight when in Sport Mode, the steering still feels light. We only got a short window of time to test Super Cruise, which is now capable of operating on secondary roads other than split highways. This is a great improvement that functions well the majority of the time. However, we did have one instance where we had to take control of the Traverse to avoid it veering off the road around a tight corner.

To test the Z71, Chevy built up a short off-road course, but almost any crossover could have completed it. Some AWD hatchbacks probably wouldn’t have had any trouble at all. Although we doubt many owners of Traverse vehicles choose to go on very difficult off-road journeys, it can get muddy when necessary.

Even though the new four-cylinder engine is more powerful than the previous V6, it accelerates with a less satisfying sound. The four-pot makes a deep rumbling, and the V6 made a throaty howl. There is a slightly more forceful noise from the engine that is almost sporty if you keep the throttle pressed until the RPMs go above 5,000. For the most part, GM transmission tuning is flawless.

Cost & Conclusion: Generous Area, Moderate Cost

The 2024 Traverse is more expensive than the model from the previous year, but the price increase is justified by the fact that it comes with a lot more basic amenities. Chevy will continue to offer the previous model alongside the new one for a while under the name Traverse Limited if you’d prefer a less expensive option. The standard LS version of the all-new Traverse costs $37,600 before destination, while the addition of AWD brings the price up by $2,000. The $40,000 LT trim comes equipped with LED headlights, remote start, heated front seats with a heated steering wheel, an optional Evotex seat, and more.

The Z71 is a significant step up at $46,400, but unlike the other grades, standard AWD is included in that price. The highest model, the RS, costs $54,200 in FWD (+$2,000 for AWD), and it doesn’t need any additional extras to come with a higher price tag. This indicates that the Traverse is far from the most expensive option in its class, staying around $60,000 even with AWD.


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