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Toyota’s Hydrogen Future Under Threat With The Closing Of Fuelling Stations In The U.S.

Blue 2022 Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Toyota has been testing, teasing, and investing in hydrogen for quite some time. With the Mirai model, you saw the first mass-scale hydrogen vehicle from Toyota, and this marked a new dawn for the broader market. We all know EVs and PHEVs are the rage right now. Fine. But Toyota decided to push the … Read more

These Patent Claims Show Ferrari’s Interest In Hydrogen Combustion Engines

Red 2023 Toyota Mirai XLE

[ad_1] Summary Ferrari hints at groundbreaking projects including a hydrogen-powered car with an inline-six engine in the middle for efficiency and innovative design. The unique design features an upside-down engine layout, introducing new concepts like dry-sump lubrication and electric motor-assisted forced induction. While Ferrari explores hydrogen power, Toyota leads the way with its HCE technology … Read more

The Longest Range Hydrogen SUV In The World

A 3/4 front shot of a 2023 Hyundai Nexo driving

[ad_1] Hydrogen has long been thought of as the ultimate green fuel source. It creates zero emissions beyond water vapor, and instead of the long charging times of electric vehicles, hydrogen cars can fill up at a pump in just a short set of minutes. Having the best of both worlds when it comes to … Read more

Here’s How Much It Costs To Refill The Hydrogen-Powered Honda Clarity FCEV

An action shot of the Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] The Honda Clarity FCEV is a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell electric fastback sedan sold in the USA between 2016 and 2021. Officially dubbed the FCV, the newer clarity replaced the first-generation FCX, which Honda only leased to a select clientele. The 2002 FCX stated the brand’s hydrogen fuel-cell revolution, but it restricted availability to the Japanese … Read more

History And Mystery Of The First Hydrogen-powered Vehicle

fchv adv

[ad_1] Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, or HFCVs, can only be purchased in the State of California. This is because only California has retail hydrogen refueling stations. The state was meant to have 100 stations by now, but only has around 60, and they aren’t always functional. In fact, Shell recently shut down seven of its … Read more

Proof That Toyota Has Been Working On Fuel-cell Technology For 30+ Years

Blue 2022 Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Since the early 90s, Japanese auto brand Toyota has invested in clean energy for its vehicles and manufacturing. Because the history of Toyota’s involvement in fuel-cell development dates back as early as 1992, that makes 31+ years of testing, building, and cutting down on emissions. The brand has always been a pioneer in hybrid … Read more

10 Toyota Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles We’ve Seen So Far

Front three-quarter shot of a 2022 Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] As everyone knows, fossil fuels are going the way of, well, the dinosaur. The future of a6utomotive power is zero-emission. This isn’t just a desire from consumers and automakers, governments around the world are pushing a transition away from petroleum-based power, towards alternative fuel sources. One of the long-standing alternative fuel options is hydrogen. … Read more

10 Hydrogen-powered Cars That You Might Not Have Heard Of

Hyperion XP-1 in action

[ad_1] Hydrogen has made a comeback in recent years as a fuel source for motor vehicles. This is largely because of a worldwide push by governments and automakers to move away from fossil fuels and towards low or zero-emissions solutions. Hydrogen stacks up pretty well against battery electric vehicles as a green solution. First, it … Read more

History And Mystery Of Hydrogen-powered Vehicles

Blue Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Hydrogen is the fuel that won’t go away. But, while fuel cells are relatively new, hydrogen has always been floating in the background of the automotive industry. While modern-day gearheads may think that hydrogen cars began with the Toyota Mirai, some of the earliest engines ever mounted to a horse-cart were powered by hydrogen. … Read more

10 Things You Need To Know About The Hydrogen-Powered 2025 Honda CR-V e:FCEV


[ad_1] Honda has finally officially announced its next hydrogen-powered vehicle, the CR-V e:FCEV. This news comes after Honda and GM partnered to develop hydrogen fuel cells in the United States. Honda has had a vision for hydrogen that goes back decades, and now as other automakers join the fray, hydrogen appears to be back on … Read more

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