Toyota Mirai - SUV VEHICLE

Toyota’s Hydrogen Future Under Threat With The Closing Of Fuelling Stations In The U.S.

Blue 2022 Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Toyota has been testing, teasing, and investing in hydrogen for quite some time. With the Mirai model, you saw the first mass-scale hydrogen vehicle from Toyota, and this marked a new dawn for the broader market. We all know EVs and PHEVs are the rage right now. Fine. But Toyota decided to push the … Read more

The Most Affordable Hydrogen-powered Car In 2024

Blue 2022 Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] The FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) segment isn’t densely populated in the U.S. There are only two options: the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo. The Mirai is the most affordable of the two, with a starting MSRP of $10,000 less than the Nexo’s base price. The first generation of the Mirai was the … Read more

The Longest-Range Hydrogen Car In The World

An action shot of the Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Hydrogen automotive technology has long been a vision for a green future in cars. The modern basis of fuel cell technology was invented all the way back in 1932, and the discovery that hydrogen could generate electricity at all happened in the 1800s. In 1966, Chevrolet introduced the Electrovan, the world’s first hydrogen fuel … Read more

Here’s How Much It Costs To Refill A Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai

Red 2023 Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Toyota is one of very few global manufacturers currently invested in multiple fuel and energy sources for its cars. Gasoline and electrification are two of its biggest projects, but it has also shown a strong dedication to developing hydrogen. The Toyota Mirai is one of few hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles sold in the U.S., all … Read more

Why Toyota Is Hellbent On Keeping The Hydrogen-powered Mirai Alive Despite Its Poor Sales

2022 Toyota’s Hydrogen-Powered GR Yaris Engine

[ad_1] Summary Toyota is determined to sell 200,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles annually by 2030, despite low sales and limited infrastructure. Toyota is expanding its hydrogen portfolio with partnerships and plans to establish a Hydrogen Factory in Europe. Hydrogen-powered vehicles offer advantages such as reduced weight, faster refueling times, higher payload capacity, and adaptability in different environments … Read more

Even Tesla EVs Don’t Have This Feature That Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai Does

[ad_1] The Toyota Mirai has long been an innovative yet painfully misunderstood vehicle. Using hydrogen to run, this became one of the first wide-scale releases EVER to do it, all while being a passion project for the execs at Toyota. The Mirai boasts endless specs, from its recharge and power-out capability (this is a big … Read more

Toyota Electric Vehicles Lineup: Everything New For 2024

[ad_1] Although Toyota only has the bZ4X and the Mirai as its flagship electric vehicles for the 2024 lineup, Toyota’s commitment to sustainable mobility cannot be underestimated. The company has a litany of hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles like the Prius Prime and the RAV4 Prime to cushion its transition to full-electric technology while … Read more

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