These Patent Claims Show Ferrari’s Interest In Hydrogen Combustion Engines

Red 2023 Toyota Mirai XLE

[ad_1] Summary Ferrari hints at groundbreaking projects including a hydrogen-powered car with an inline-six engine in the middle for efficiency and innovative design. The unique design features an upside-down engine layout, introducing new concepts like dry-sump lubrication and electric motor-assisted forced induction. While Ferrari explores hydrogen power, Toyota leads the way with its HCE technology … Read more

Future Ford Vehicles The Most Comfortable On The Road? A New Patent Filing Says Maybe!

2024 Ford Performance Mustang GT3

[ad_1] Summary Ford’s unique patent reveals a visionary natural active suspension system and centerless wheel design for future vehicles. The design’s versatility makes it a potential game-changer in personal and public transportation, opening doors to innovative vehicle types. Practical challenges may delay large-scale production, but Ford’s commitment to exploring cutting-edge technology remains evident. The editorial … Read more

New Patent Could Mark A Comeback For The Ford RS200 Name

Ford RS200

[ad_1] Summary The RS200 was a bold attempt by Ford in the 80s, but failed to gain long-term success in rally competition. Now a cult classic, the rare RS200 can fetch over $500,000 due to its history and performance potential. Enthusiasts eagerly speculate on Ford’s plans for the RS200 trademark, hoping for a revival of … Read more

Foldable Truck-Bed Ramps: GM’s Latest Patent Could Make Loading Easier

Foldable Truck-Bed Ramps: GM's Latest Patent Could Make Loading Easier

[ad_1] Summary GM’s patent introduces foldable ramps to simplify loading vehicles into truck beds effectively. The ramps are hinged, foldable, and structurally supported, ensuring ease of access and storage. The innovative integrated ramp design aims to offer a practical loading solution for truck owners. What do you load into your truck bed? A truck’s bed … Read more

Ferrari submits patent for sliding seat which can convert driving positions

[ad_1] Central, left-hand drive and right-hand driving positions are configurable via the adjustable system.  View 4 images Ferrari has submitted a patent for an adjustable driver’s seat which can move between left-hand drive, right-hand drive, and central driving positions.  The idea, first covered by Carbuzz, was submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office last year. It … Read more

Budget-priced Fiat Panda electric car leaked in patent images

[ad_1] The new electric Fiat Panda appears to have broken cover through patent images of the cut-price city-sized SUV. Electric Cars View 4 images Patent photos of what appears to be the new electric Fiat Panda have been spied online ahead of its mid-2024 in European showrooms. Images of the electric Panda have appeared on website … Read more

Ford’s Latest Patent Fillings Reveal A GM Ultium-like Modular EV Platform

[ad_1] The automotive landscape is on the verge of a seismic shift, and Ford’s recently unveiled patent for a modular EV platform stands as a testament to this transformative era. This ingenious design, likened to a Lego set for EVs, promises to break free from the rigid confines of traditional car manufacturing, ushering in an … Read more

Soft top with a pass through? Next-gen Nissan Frontier patent is wild

[ad_1] What would happen if you truly focused on an off-road truck for overlanding? A new Nissan Frontier patent shows some wild ideas. The 18-page patent describes a series of drawings on bringing together two automotive ideas – a Jeep Wrangler like soft top and a Chevy Avalanche or Chevy Silverado EV pass through. This … Read more

Ford’s ‘Drift Mode’ For EVs Revealed In Latest Patent Filings

[ad_1] Ford Motor Company, an automotive giant with a rich history of innovation, has recently filed a patent for a groundbreaking ‘Drift Mode’ feature designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs), aiming to provide drivers with an exhilarating experience that is traditionally associated with internal combustion engine (ICE) sports cars. The concept of a Drift Mode … Read more

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