These Patent Claims Show Ferrari’s Interest In Hydrogen Combustion Engines

Red 2023 Toyota Mirai XLE

Summary Ferrari hints at groundbreaking projects including a hydrogen-powered car with an inline-six engine in the middle for efficiency and innovative design. The unique design features an upside-down engine layout, introducing new concepts like dry-sump lubrication and electric motor-assisted forced induction. While Ferrari explores hydrogen power, Toyota leads the way with its HCE technology for … Read more

The Smallest Displacement V12 Engine Ever Put In A Production Car

Alfa Romeo 1500 gc engine

Self-balancing by default, V-12 engines have long been considered to be the smoothest running of engine layouts. Despite their complexity compared to lower-cylinder-count engines, which historically limited their presence to high-end vehicles, they have held a prominent place in automotive history since the early days. The pinnacle of their popularity was arguably in the late … Read more

Sydney driver crashes $800,000 Ferrari 296 GTS convertible

A motoring dream is in tatters as a Ferrari driver in Sydney has a very bad morning. View 12 images View 12 images PreviousNext A Sydney driver has had a morning he would rather forget, by crashing his $800,000 Ferrari 296 GTS in a suburban street. The car, a Rosso Corsa Red Ferrari 296 GTS convertible, suffered … Read more

‘Just please no’: Ferrari limousine in Melbourne enrages car lovers

Melbourne streets were drenched in red after the Ferrari team’s win at the Grand Prix, but it was a divisive Ferrari limo that stole the spotlight. Ferrari has a long-running reputation for craftsmanship and performance, but someone in Melbourne took matters into their own hands by expanding the brand’s allure … literally. A photo of … Read more

Ferrari takes one-two in dramatic 2024 Australian Grand Prix, Piastri misses out on podium

In a rare turn of events, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were forced to retire early on in the race, with local favourite Oscar Piastri coming in fourth to Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc, and Lando Norris. View 2 images Ferrari has taken a one-two finish at the 2024 Australian Grand Prix, with Australian driver Oscar Piastri … Read more

Video: Ferrari crashes into bike racks, narrowly avoids pedestrians

A Ferrari reportedly belonging to a UK television show participant has been caught on video speeding before crashing in a town centre. View 1 images Video footage of a Ferrari F430 speeding before crashing into bike racks in the UK has emerged online – with the driver narrowly avoiding pedestrians. The reckless driving incident reportedly occurred … Read more

2024 Ferrari Portofino: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

Ferrari Portofino M (15)

The Ferrari Portofino M is the Prancing Pony’s more accessible open-top GT option. This is the final model year of the product line that began with the California in 2008. Ferrari launched this moniker in 2017, but now that it has the Roma Spider, there’s no longer a need for this model. The decision to … Read more

The Smallest Displacement V8 Engine Ever In A Production Car

Koenigsegg Gemera engine, shown installed in the car

Summary Ferrari developed the smallest V-8 engine ever with a 2.0-liter displacement to meet tax constraints in Italy. The V-8 engine has evolved from a naturally aspirated to a turbocharged version with increased power over the years. Other car manufacturers, mostly Italian, have also produced small displacement V-8 engines as compact as today’s four-cylinder engines. … Read more

Valuable Ferrari stolen from F1 driver recovered nearly 30 years later

Police said the luxury car was stolen at the 1995 Italian Grand Prix and was shipped to Japan before being brought to the UK in late 2023. View 2 images A Ferrari F512M reportedly worth close to £350,000 ($AU682,500) has been recovered nearly 30 years after it was stolen from Formula One driver Gerhard Berger. UK … Read more

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