This EV Can Mimic The Vibrations Of A V-8 Engine

SAA February Conference Discussing The Short Term EV Future

In recent months, it’s been revealed that battery and platform developer Stellantis has come up with an Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) and Active Vibration Enhancement (AVE) system that mimics that of a traditional ICE V-8 engine. Through patent filing, we’ve discovered this is part of a much larger and ambitious plan to bring high-powered electric … Read more

Fascinating Story Of The Rarest B-Body Mopar On The Planet

Orange Ball-Stud HEMI Engine

Summary A-bodies, B-bodies, C-bodies, and E-bodies are the car platforms Mopar used to build some legendary muscle cars. Packed with power. Dodge Coronet R/T Hemi convertibles are ultra-rare classics with impressive performance specs. A true collector’s dream for Mopar fans. Thanks to passionate collectors like Brett Torino, rare Mopar muscle cars are being rescued, restored, … Read more

The AWD HEMI Dodge Challenger That Never Happened


Summary The 2015 Challenger GT AWD concept would’ve been the first two-door all-wheel drive V-8 muscle car. AWD in muscle cars improves launching and handling, but the AWD Challenger never made it to production due to economic concerns. Market research showed lack of demand and cost issues contributed to the cancellation of this unique AWD … Read more

10 Most Expensive HEMI-Powered Mopars Ever Sold At Auction

Blue 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

In terms of collectible muscle cars, Mopars are like money in the bank. Dodge and Plymouth rides from the classic era were not only the coolest looking but the fastest things on the road. They were also made in far smaller numbers than Fords and Chevys, so their relative rarity has made them some of … Read more

Story Behind The Ultra-Rare HEMI-Powered 4-Door Mopar Classic

Orange Ball-Stud HEMI Engine

Summary Dropping a Hemi engine in a four-door car like the 1966 Dodge Coronet can transform it into a powerful track terror, turning a family sedan into a street racer’s dream. Only five four-door 1966 Coronets were equipped with a 426 Hemi engine, making them extremely rare and highly sought-after in the collector’s market. Four-door … Read more

Driven: One-Of-500 Dodge Shakedown Last Call Challengers

2023 Dodge Challenger Last Call Scat Pack Shakedown Front And Driver Side View - Jody Only

Summary Limited edition Last Call Challenger Scat Pack Shakedown with throwback looks and aggressive Shaker Hood for true muscle car enthusiasts. Relatively economical MSRP compared to other high-performance vehicles. Fuel consumption not the best, potential for breaking traction tickets, and sound system could use improvement. 2023 Dodge Challenger Last Call Scat Pack Shakedown Dodge sent … Read more

The Rarest Mopar Models Ever Made

Blue 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

The MOPAR abbreviation is mostly associated with Dodge Muscle cars, but the name was actually first used in the 1920s, as an official name for Chrysler’s antifreeze. The name has, since, stuck and refers to all high-performance models the company makes. This inevitably includes some of the most legendary Muscle cars, many of which are … Read more

Dodge Ram van from ‘School of Rock’ sells for $US22,000 at auction

The 36-year-old van was offered with three guitars, a drum case, and a signed photo from star Jack Black. View 7 images View 7 images PreviousNext A 1987 Dodge Ram B250 van which appeared in the movie ‘School of Rock’ has sold online for $US21,888 ($AU33,500) Offered through auction site Bring a Trailer, the 36-year-old van managed … Read more

History And Mystery Of The Rarest HEMI Ever-Built

Hemi 'Cuda 426

Summary The Ball-Stud Hemi engine, a rare and elusive variation of the legendary Chrysler Hemi engine, was developed as a cheaper and more mass-market alternative to the 426 Hemi. Despite being smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Ball-Stud Hemi still packed a punch with estimated horsepower ranging from 375 to 425. Only a few … Read more

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