What Mopar Fans Need To Know About The Forgotten HEMI 235CI V-6

Hemi 'Cuda 426

The legendary Chrysler Hemi engines are known for being high-output monster V-8s. From the 426 Street Hemi to the turbocharged Hellcat, these engines are under the hoods of the fastest cars any U.S. automaker has ever produced. To put it simply, Hemi is synonymous with American V-8 power and performance. Every Hemi engine of note … Read more

So long Hemi! New 2025 Ram 1500 high-output Hurricane wows

I got my first taste of the new 2025 Ram 1500 high-output Hurricane engine, and it definitely wows at the first glance. Watch myself and Kristin Shaw from Drive Mode Show discuss this powertrain. ICYMI – here are the all the details on what’s new for the 2025 Ram 1500. Source link Related posts: 2025 … Read more

Every Important HEMI Engine Ever Created, Ranked By Power Output

Hemi 'Cuda 426

Detroit has built a lot of legendary performance cars with powerful engines, but only one of those powerplants is a legend unto itself: the Chrysler Hemi. From 1951 through the present, the Hemi engine has undergone an evolution of displacements and power outputs, but the one thing that has remained constant is that the fastest … Read more

The AWD HEMI Dodge Challenger That Never Happened


Summary The 2015 Challenger GT AWD concept would’ve been the first two-door all-wheel drive V-8 muscle car. AWD in muscle cars improves launching and handling, but the AWD Challenger never made it to production due to economic concerns. Market research showed lack of demand and cost issues contributed to the cancellation of this unique AWD … Read more

Most Expensive HEMI Powered-Car Ever Sold At Auction

Orange Ball-Stud HEMI Engine

Summary Mopar muscle cars, especially those with limited production numbers, are highly coveted and valuable collectibles. The value of a Mopar collectible is greatly influenced by the engine type, transmission, and other features it possesses. The 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda convertible holds the record for the highest sale price of a factory muscle car, solidifying … Read more

History And Mystery Of The Rarest HEMI Ever-Built

Hemi 'Cuda 426

Summary The Ball-Stud Hemi engine, a rare and elusive variation of the legendary Chrysler Hemi engine, was developed as a cheaper and more mass-market alternative to the 426 Hemi. Despite being smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Ball-Stud Hemi still packed a punch with estimated horsepower ranging from 375 to 425. Only a few … Read more

Ex-Nicolas Cage 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda to be auctioned this weekend

The immaculate, black-on-black muscle car, once owned by ‘Memphis Raines’ himself will cross the auction block with no reserve View 11 images In the fictional world of the 2000 movie Gone in 60 Seconds, the range-topping, big-power Plymouth Barracuda was known simply as ‘Shannon’. There, the 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda was certainly bold, finished in ‘Moulin Rouge’ … Read more

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