The Smallest Displacement Four-Cylinder Ever Put In A Luxury Car

Black 2003 Lexus LS 430

[ad_1] Luxury cars have long been synonymous with hefty V-8 or V-12 engines, delivering the power necessary to effortlessly drag these heavyweight vehicles along. Traditionally, comfort and spaciousness have taken precedence over speed, resulting in the use of larger engines to accommodate the weight and size of these prestigious automobiles. However, Lexus challenged convention by … Read more

The Smallest Displacement V12 Engine Ever Put In A Production Car

Alfa Romeo 1500 gc engine

[ad_1] Self-balancing by default, V-12 engines have long been considered to be the smoothest running of engine layouts. Despite their complexity compared to lower-cylinder-count engines, which historically limited their presence to high-end vehicles, they have held a prominent place in automotive history since the early days. The pinnacle of their popularity was arguably in the … Read more

This Dodge Demon 170 Put The Tesla Model S Plaid In Its Place

[ad_1] When Tesla introduced the tri-motor Model S Plaid in 2021, it became the fastest accelerating production vehicle in the world, until the Rimac Nevera edged it out a year later. The Nevera is an ultra-sleek, aerodynamic supercar, while the Model S is a five-door liftback sedan that wasn’t necessarily designed for racing, so it’s … Read more

10 Things That Put The Porsche 918 Spyder Ahead Of Its Time

[ad_1] The Porsche 918 Spyder epitomizes the quintessence of Porsche’s philosophy: marrying cutting-edge motorsport technology with exceptional day-to-day usability, uniting maximum performance with minimal fuel consumption. The challenge facing the development team was to craft a super sports car for the coming decade, integrating a potent yet highly efficient hybrid drivetrain. Starting the design process … Read more

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