Here Are Some Intriguing Features Of The Tesla Cybertruck That Make It Stand Out

2024 Tesla Cybertruck: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

From the moment its angular form sliced onto the stage in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck has transcended the realm of mere pickup trucks. It became a phenomenon, igniting debate, sparking curiosity, and embodying the bold, unconventional spirit of its creators. More than just a vehicle, it represents a glimpse into the future of electric mobility, … Read more

Here’s How Much It Costs To Charge A Tesla Model 3

A Tesla at a Tesla SuperCharger Station

Tesla recently handed its Model 3 range a comprehensive Highland update, which includes an array of new cosmetic and equipment features. However, Tesla opted to leave the electrical system, including the battery pack, completely unchanged. In this regard, the Model 3 remains the same as the generation it replaced, so it features the same performance … Read more

Would This Tesla Model Y Muscle Car Make You An EV Enthusiast?

Red Tesla Model Y front-quarter

Although Tesla has yet to release a muscle car (or anything adjacent), we do have renderings of what one could potentially look like. Muscle EVs are still a somewhat obscure niche in the market, with only Dodge attempting to create one. Tesla, the icon it is, could easily surpass the rest by releasing some type … Read more

Here’s How Much It Costs To Charge A Tesla Model Y

Red Tesla Model Y front-quarter

The Tesla Model Y is the most popular electric car option on a global scale. The mid-size crossover offers a combination of versatility, performance, and efficiency at a very competitive starting price. The Model Y is available in the USA as a base rear-wheel drive and Dual-Motor or Performance all-wheel drive. Tesla equips both drivetrains … Read more

Stealth Grey 2024 Tesla Model X flaps its Falcon wing doors

The 2024 Tesla Model X is one of the most futuristic EVs in its segment, be it in terms of design, features, or engineering. Recently, I saw a Stealth Grey sample that was on display, flaunting its most appealing exterior feature – Falcon Wing doors. Here are my observations: Design & Features The Stealth Grey … Read more

White 2024 Tesla Model S blends clean design with sporty styling

The 2024 Tesla Model S may not be as fresh as some of its closest competitors on the market, but it’s still quite a looker. Recently, I saw it in the Pearl White Multi-Coat color, which is an option worth USD 1,500. Here are my observations: Design & Features The sleek and sporty exterior of … Read more

Ultra Red 2024 Tesla Model Y has an irresistible charm

The Tesla Model Y is one of the world’s best-selling EVs, and in the U.S., it topped the EV sales chart in 2023. With a clever combination of high-performance powertrains, incredibly efficient batteries, and a spacious and high-tech interior, it has raked in millions in sales since its launch in March 2020. Recently, I saw … Read more

2024 Tesla Model 3 (Highland) showcased in Stealth Grey

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 (Highland) is available in two new colors: Stealth Grey and Ultra Red. In January 2024, just days after the car’s launch, I saw the 2024 Model 3 in the stunning Ultra Red color. Recently, I got a chance to check out the new Tesla EV in the Stealth Grey color. … Read more

The Tesla Cybertruck looks like a UFO with wheels on it!

The Tesla Cybertruck was one of the most anticipated pickup trucks in the U.S., and it finally went on sale in late 2023, but in extremely limited quantities. I’ve seen it in the metal thrice now, and I still find it otherworldly every time I see it. Looks are a subjective matter, but for good … Read more

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