The Electric Cars That Redefined What it Means to be Fast

Shot of Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut running on a track.

[ad_1] There is no dearth of electric cars in the market now. We aren’t just talking about the urban commuters, but also fast electric cars. There are many new automakers that start their electric car journey with fast cars or electric supercars. Companies like Estrema, Aspark, and even Tesla, for that matter, came up with … Read more

What Honda’s Partnership With GM Means For Its EV And Hydrogen Future

2024 Honda Prologue

[ad_1] Summary Honda and GM’s partnership has resulted in two vehicles, the Prologue EV and the Acura ZDX, both sharing a platform with the Ultium-based Chevrolet Blazer. The companies have formed Fuel Cell Systems Manufacturing LLC to manufacture hydrogen fuel cells, with a factory already in operation outside of Detroit. Honda and GM are focusing … Read more

What Honda And GM’s New Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Partnership Means For The EV Industry

GM-Honda Hydrogen Fuel Cell manufacturing unit

[ad_1] Hydrogen is the fuel that won’t go away. Despite pesky problems like a lack of distribution infrastructure, customer wariness, range limitations, and the need for large fuel tanks that have a way of eating into the car’s interior space, the auto industry keeps throwing money into the gas. While a few companies have attempted … Read more

Here’s What The New STLA Large Platform Means For Jeep’s EV Future

2025 Jeep Wagoneer S

[ad_1] For over eight decades, Jeep has been synonymous with adventure, carving its legend across diverse terrains and capturing the hearts of explorers worldwide. From the rugged battlefields of World War II to sun-drenched deserts and muddy trails. Now, as the automotive landscape electrifies, Jeep stands poised to embark on a new chapter, one that … Read more

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