Uber to pay $272 million in landmark taxi class action settlement

[ad_1] In what is Australia’s fifth-largest settlement, Uber has agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to the taxi industry. View 2 images Rideshare pioneer Uber has agreed to pay $271.8 million to taxi and hire-car drivers and owners from four Australian states to settle a class action launched five years ago. Website Lawyerly reports … Read more

Ford pays $365 million to settle alleged import tax dodge – report

[ad_1] A decade-long dispute between Ford and the US Government has been resolved, with the Blue Oval agreeing to pay millions to settle allegations it sidestepped import tariffs. View 2 images Ford Motor Company will pay the US Government $US365 million ($AU552 million) to settle allegations the car giant evaded import tariffs, news outlet Reuters reports. … Read more

Toyota Engineer Shares How The Million Mile Tundra Influenced The Current-Gen Model

Tundra 1794 Edition driving

[ad_1] Summary Studying a truck with a million miles helped Toyota improve parts for the 2022 model. The extraordinary durability of the driver’s seat shocked the Toyota team. The resin bed and V-6 engine upgrades displayed a focus on durability and efficiency. In 2016, Toyota approached a customer from Louisiana named Victor Sheppard with a … Read more

Car service franchisor Ultra Tune fined $1.5 million for contempt of court

[ad_1] The Federal Court has found Ultra Tune to be in contempt of court, in proceedings initiated by the federal consumer watchdog. View 2 images Ultra Tune has been fined $1.5 million for defying court orders. It sets a record as the highest fine issued for a contempt of court proceeding initiated by the government watchdog, … Read more

Removable tail for $1 million Le Mans-inspired sports car

[ad_1] Owners can switch between long and short-tail configurations on this retro-focussed Zagato ‘Twin Tail’ – but you’ll need 10 times the asking price of the car it’s based upon. Italian coachbuilder Zagato has unveiled the AGTZ Twin Tail – a name owners will be able to take literally once they have paid the €650,000 ($AU1.07 … Read more

Grays auctions hit with $10 million fine for deceptive conduct

[ad_1] Misleading auction listings on Grays auction platform have led to a large fine for the company, with more than 750 buyers affected over a two-year period. View 3 images Online auction website Grays has agreed to pay a $10 million penalty following allegations of “misleading conduct” by the federal consumer watchdog. The Australian Competition and … Read more

The Secret To Reaching One Million Miles

White 1989 BMW 325i Coupe

[ad_1] Summary Achieving 1 million miles in a car is achievable with proper maintenance and consistent long-distance trips. Maintenance is key – changing oil frequently, regular checkups and preventative work can extend a car’s lifespan. Cars from various manufacturers have reached the million-mile mark, not just specific models, emphasizing proper care and maintenance. Hitting a … Read more

Why The Crocker V-Twin Is Worth A Million Dollars

Flying Merkel studio shot

[ad_1] Summary An American Crocker V-Twin commanded a million-dollar price tag at auctions. The Crocker V-Twin was faster and more powerful than Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles. Crocker built bikes around the rider, offering customizability and a money-back guarantee. Every now and then, Brough Superiors and Vincent motorcycles steal the spotlight as exclusive, bespoke relics of … Read more

The Extraordinary Story Of The Million Mile Porsche

Auto Union P52-1

[ad_1] Summary Guy Newmark has driven his Porsche 356 C for 1 million miles over nearly 50 years, a testament to the quality and durability of Porsche vehicles. The Porsche 356 C has been a cherished member of the Newmark family, serving as a reliable mode of transportation for both father and son. The story … Read more

Mazda Australia fined $11.5 million for misleading conduct by Federal Court

[ad_1] A Federal Court has issued Mazda with a multi-million-dollar penalty after concluding it made 49 “false or misleading” statements to nine customers between 2013 and 2017. View 3 images Mazda Australia has been ordered to pay $11.5 million for “misleading and deceptive conduct” to nine customers after ignoring or denying requests for replacement vehicles – … Read more

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