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This Ferrari Purosangue Truck Would Blend Luxury, Performance, And Utility

Front 3/4 shot of the 2024 Ferrari Purosangue

Summary Some luxury brands are venturing into the pickup world to expand their offerings and appeal to a wider audience. The futuristic design of the Ferrari Purosangue pickup concept combines ruggedness and sophistication, appealing to lovers of high-end vehicles. If Ferrari creates a pickup, expect powerful engines, premium interior features, advanced driver assists, and upscale … Read more

The Only Truck You’ll Ever Need; The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

2024 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

Summary Named best truck of 2024, Chevy Colorado ZR2 offers comfort, off-road capabilities, and world-class features. Packed with industry-leading features, ZR2 Bison collaboration with AEV ensures best-in-class off-roading experience. Colorado ZR2 competes with full-sized trucks, nearing rivals in torque, towing capacity, and high-end features. Throw the tools in the back before a long day at … Read more

The Hybrid Truck With The Highest Driving Range In 2024

Red TC Customs F-150 Sleeper

The Ford F-150 fitted with the optional PowerBoost turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 and permanent-magnet motor, currently offers the highest range figure in the hybrid truck segment. The EPA doesn’t provide an official estimate, but Ford claims this model covers over 700 miles on a single tank, with some assistance from the electrical system. Ford doesn’t break … Read more

The World’s Highest Mileage Chevy Truck

White 2020 Ford F-350 towing

Summary Chevy Silverado 3500: A true workhorse with the durability and power to travel one million miles in just six years. Chevrolet: Known for building trucks that just keep running, the Silverado’s reputation for longevity is evident in the Million Mile Club. Preventive Maintenance is key: Regular oil changes and quality care helped Hugh and … Read more

Here’s Why The Nissan Hardbody Pickup Remains A Legend To This Day

Red Nissan Frontier Hardbody

Summary The Nissan Hardbody paved the way for legendary pickups by offering rugged design and durability like no other compact truck. Owners praise the Hardbody for its off-roading capabilities and double-walled bed, making it both practical and tough on and off-road. Featuring innovative trims like the Desert Runner, the Hardbody left a lasting legacy that … Read more

10 Highest Mileage Trucks In The World In 2024

Blue 2008 Toyota Tacoma

In the fiercely competitive domain of pickup trucks, the pursuit of reliability and exceptional mileage reigns supreme. This curated list unveils the upper echelon of the highest mileage examples, each vying for dominance in the market. From the enduring ruggedness embodied by the Ford F-150 to the globally recognized dependability of the Toyota Tacoma, this … Read more

The Gas-Powered Mid-Size Pickup Truck With The Highest Driving Range In 2024

Chances are that if you are looking for a mid-sized pickup, you are looking for a vehicle that is capable of towing, off-roading, hauling you your family and whatever you need around, and taking a bit of a hard life. Not necessarily the gas-tank range. Though pickup trucks aren’t the most renowned for their high … Read more

Hell, It’s About Time: Nissan Extends The 2024 Frontier Hardbody To The Canadian Market

2023 Toyota Tacoma vs 2023 Nissan Frontier

Summary Canadian market gets 2024 Nissan Frontier SV Hardbody edition after trending market for 80s-90s nostalgia, welcome back! The Frontier Hardbody is a tribute to the first Nissan pickup in North America, cementing Nissan’s truck reliability reputation. The vintage-style Hardbody edition includes cosmetic upgrades based on the Frontier SV trim, mechanically unchanged, a nod to … Read more

An Overview Of The Current Mid-Size Pickup Truck Market And What To Expect Next

Red 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X

Summary The mid-size pickup truck market is challenging and complex due to the similarity between models. Mid-size pickups combine the ruggedness of larger trucks with the agility and efficiency of smaller vehicles, making them versatile and important in the automotive industry. Mid-size pickup trucks cater to a segment of consumers who require utility without the … Read more

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