Next-generation technology ‘unsafe’, says world’s largest battery maker

[ad_1] The so-called ‘Battery King’ says the new solid-state tech spearheaded by Toyota is unreliable and unsafe. Dr Robin Zeng The founder of the world’s largest supplier of lithium-ion batteries, CATL, has labelled solid-state batteries as impractical and unsafe – alleging ‘showstopper’ claims ignore the real-world limits of the technology. Dr Robin Zeng – who … Read more

Yes, Tesla Sales Have Dropped, But It’s Still The World’s EV Sales King


[ad_1] Summary Despite the overall EV market slowdown, Tesla still leads sales with 386,810 vehicles sold during Q1 2024. BYD faces a 43% quarterly sales drop. The EV industry is facing challenges with slowing demand, disinformation, and political tensions. Another week, another hot headline in the mainstream media, happy to report that things aren’t going … Read more

The World’s Highest Mileage Chevy Truck

White 2020 Ford F-350 towing

[ad_1] Summary Chevy Silverado 3500: A true workhorse with the durability and power to travel one million miles in just six years. Chevrolet: Known for building trucks that just keep running, the Silverado’s reputation for longevity is evident in the Million Mile Club. Preventive Maintenance is key: Regular oil changes and quality care helped Hugh … Read more

The Secrets Behind The World’s Most Powerful Electric Motor – The Koenigsegg ‘Dark Matter’

[ad_1] Summary Electric motors have transformed from being considered weak to powering hypercars like the Nevera, combining ICE power with electric torque. The groundbreaking Koenigsegg Dark Matter motor boasts 800 HP, 922 lb-ft of torque, and weighs a mere 86 pounds for unprecedented performance. The Gemera plug-in hybrid, with a Dark Matter motor and Hot … Read more

Here’s What Happened To The World’s Fastest Indian

2024 Kawasaki Ninja H2R Action

[ad_1] Summary Burt Munro’s fascination with speed began early in life, fueling his desire to explore beyond the confines of his farm, despite his family’s disapproval. Munro’s iconic Indian Scout, originally bought in 1920, underwent years of modifications and updates to improve its performance and achieve greater velocities. Despite his numerous records and achievements, Munro … Read more

The World’s Highest Mileage Truck

Silver 2001 Toyota Tundra

[ad_1] Summary Toyota Tacoma proves its durability by reaching an impressive 1.6 million miles, a testament to meticulous maintenance and strong engineering. Other trucks from the same era, such as the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Frontier, have also hit the one-million-mile mark, showcasing the longevity of late-2000s Japanese trucks. While electric cars like the Tesla … Read more

How one American ruined the world’s best car

[ad_1] Underpinning this technological advancement was a complex hydraulic system that operated just about everything that moved – windows, sunroof, seats, boot lid, bonnet, doors, armrests, central locking – while the near-three-tonne limo rode on hydraulically operated self-levelling suspension. A little digging around for scant information about this particular car. What we did glean from … Read more

China overtakes Japan as world’s largest vehicle exporter – report

[ad_1] Booming sales globally of vehicles made in China has resulted in Japan being toppled as the world’s largest auto exporter. View 3 images Global automotive powerhouse Japan is no longer the world’s largest exporter of vehicles, as China has claimed victory for the first time, according to overseas reports. After taking the top spot in … Read more

China’s BYD overtakes Tesla to become world’s top-selling electric-car maker

[ad_1] Tesla and BYD both set sales records in 2023 – and delivered close to five million cars combined – but the title of the world’s top seller of electric cars has changed hands. View 7 images Chinese car giant BYD dethroned Tesla to become the world’s number-one seller of electric cars in the final three … Read more

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