Highest Mileage Ram Truck In The World In 2024

White 2020 Ford F-350 towing

[ad_1] Summary RAM trucks are gaining ground against competitors like Toyota, showcasing remarkable feats of durability and reliability in the long run. Cummins engines play a key role in achieving high-mileage benchmarks, as showcased by RAM truck owners surpassing a million miles. Regular maintenance, dedicated mechanics like Forest Cunningham, and the trust in the 5.9-liter … Read more

Does EV mileage matter? Essential used electric car checks

[ad_1] Some newer EVs – including some electric Audi, Genesis, Jaguar, Polestar, and Volvo models – offer free servicing and roadside assistance in the early years of ownership. So, if you can snap up one of these models while it’s still within its free servicing period, there will be additional savings. [ad_2] Source link Related … Read more

Highest Mileage Ford Truck In the World In 2024

Silver 2007 Honda CR-V

[ad_1] In the vast world of pickups, the Ford name stands tall as a symbol of durability and reliability. Year after year, Ford trucks have proven themselves to be resilient workhorses capable of enduring the toughest conditions. Currently, there are a fair number of Ford pickups that boast very high mileage, serving as a testament … Read more

The World’s Highest Mileage Chevy Truck

White 2020 Ford F-350 towing

[ad_1] Summary Chevy Silverado 3500: A true workhorse with the durability and power to travel one million miles in just six years. Chevrolet: Known for building trucks that just keep running, the Silverado’s reputation for longevity is evident in the Million Mile Club. Preventive Maintenance is key: Regular oil changes and quality care helped Hugh … Read more

10 Highest Mileage Trucks In The World In 2024

Blue 2008 Toyota Tacoma

[ad_1] In the fiercely competitive domain of pickup trucks, the pursuit of reliability and exceptional mileage reigns supreme. This curated list unveils the upper echelon of the highest mileage examples, each vying for dominance in the market. From the enduring ruggedness embodied by the Ford F-150 to the globally recognized dependability of the Toyota Tacoma, … Read more

This Is The Highest Mileage Electric Car In The World

Red 2024 Tesla Model S

[ad_1] Late last year, a German citizen by the name of Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg managed to hit the one millionth mile in his red 2014 Tesla Model S. This is a figure that no other Tesla Owner on record has come even close to covering. Von Gemmingen-Hornberg’s previous feat was clearing 400,000 miles in his … Read more

The Toyota Truck With The Highest Mileage In The World

Blue 2008 Toyota Tacoma

[ad_1] Summary Reaching one million miles in a Toyota is a testament to the manufacturer’s precision engineering and the driver’s dedication. Mike Neal drove his 2008 Tacoma 1.6 million miles in 16 years, demonstrating the truck’s durability and reliability. With meticulous maintenance and thoughtful driving, Toyota trucks like the Tacoma and Tundra can reach astonishing … Read more

The World’s Highest Mileage Truck

Silver 2001 Toyota Tundra

[ad_1] Summary Toyota Tacoma proves its durability by reaching an impressive 1.6 million miles, a testament to meticulous maintenance and strong engineering. Other trucks from the same era, such as the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Frontier, have also hit the one-million-mile mark, showcasing the longevity of late-2000s Japanese trucks. While electric cars like the Tesla … Read more

Cars With The Best Gas Mileage For 2024, Ranked

[ad_1] When it comes to fuel economy, it’s clear to see the benefits of hybrid configurations (not to mention electric cars, but that’s a different discussion), with highway mileage reaching almost double that of gasoline engines. But if you’re looking for a gasoline-only car, you don’t have to settle for gas guzzlers anymore. The current … Read more

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