Highest Mileage Ford Truck In the World In 2024

In the vast world of pickups, the Ford name stands tall as a symbol of durability and reliability. Year after year, Ford trucks have proven themselves to be resilient workhorses capable of enduring the toughest conditions. Currently, there are a fair number of Ford pickups that boast very high mileage, serving as a testament to the reliability of the brand as a whole.

But if we’re focusing in on the highest mileage pickup on record, it would go to the highest recorded F-350 6.7 Super Duty. This model in particular is the 2013 F-350 and packs a 6.7-liter turbo diesel mill. That said, this high mileage F-350 has racked up a whopping 1,300,000 miles and is still trucking along. This is an impressive feat for any vehicle, let alone a workhorse, yet, the Super Duty machine keeps coming back for more. While the current pickup world is abuzz over the 1.6-million-mile Tacoma, this beefy Ford says “So What?”.

While clocking a million miles on any vehicle is impressive due to the sheer amount of care and proactive driving that goes into preserving the components. It is more so impressive in a working-class vehicle such as a heavy-duty pickup. The maintenance and safe driving are a must, as are the occasional trips to the scrapyard for replacement parts. This fact is expressed by the owners of most high-mileage vehicles and should be taken into account when pushing any vehicle into the triple digits. Let’s see how he did it.

The Highest-Mileage SUV In The World In 2024

SUVs are not a car you expect to last into the hundreds of thousands of miles, but for some, a million miles is just part of the job.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources, including Ford, Ford Authority, JD Power, and Motor Trend.

The 1.3-Million Mile Ford Pickup

The 2013 Ford F-350 6.7 Super Duty is a heavy-duty truck designed for demanding tasks and tough terrain. It is equipped with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbo diesel engine that delivers impressive power, torque, and fuel efficiency, making it ideal for towing and hauling heavy loads long distances. The sturdy construction and powerful engine ensure the Super Duty is up for the task, no matter the conditions.

When this particular F-350 rolled into the shop, the folks over at Power Stroke Tech Talk were immediately stunned upon hearing the mileage of the pickup. The owner, simply referred to as Andrew, lets the mechanic crew in on his regiment. A routine that has kept the big bad diesel kicking for over a million miles.

How Did Andrew Achieve This Feat?

To start, the 6.7-liter V-8 turbo diesel is famed for delivering ample power and torque, while maximizing fuel efficiency. This is a key reason many are used as work, or fleet, trucks. While there are no details as to what this particular pickup was used for, it’s more likely that it saw its fair share of hard work. Knowing how hard a beating work trucks take, the owner invested in proactive maintenance and easy-driving techniques that reduce the wear and tear an engine experiences when being pushed to the limit.

Key Factors That Extended The F-350’s Life

  • Scheduled and as-needed maintenance
  • More Frequent oil and fuel filter changes
  • “Easy” driving habits when encumbered or obstructed
  • Replacing of failed components before further damage to other systems occurs

The mechanic, known around their YouTube channel as ARod, explains that Andrew, the owner of the million-mile F-350, changes the oil and fuel filters every 8,000 miles. While that may seem excessive, it was this regiment that carried the behemoth over a million miles. That said, it wasn’t just a scheduled service that kept the beast kicking, as the mechanic also reveals that Andrew has replaced the turbocharger four times, among other repairs. This is important to remember, as, at some point, the cost of repairs can outweigh the value of the vehicle. Lucky for Andrew, there are plenty of junked F-350 6.7 Super Duty pickups waiting to be picked from. This is likely why the owner held on, as repairs aren’t necessarily burning holes in his pocket.

2013 Ford F-350 6.7 Super Duty Specs And Power

The 2013 F-350’s 6.7-liter turbo-diesel V-8 cranks out a respectable 400 horses, but its true potential lies in the brutish torque numbers. The 2013 Ford F-350 6.7 Super Duty puts 800 pound-feet of torque to either the rear wheels or all wheels, depending on how you specify it. This aids the heavy hauler in pulling a max of 18,000 pounds of conventional towing weight. The impressive power and uncompromising attitude is what makes the F-series the most popular pickup brand ever.


6.7L Power Stroke Turbo-Diesel V-8


400 @ 2,800 RPM


800 Lb.-Ft @ 1,600 RPM


TorqShift Heavy-Duty 6-Speed Automatic w/ SelectShift

Max Towing Cap.

18,000 Pounds

Max Payload Cap.

7,280 Pounds

(Source: Ford)

The Highest-Mileage Truck In The World In 2024

Getting a pickup truck past the 200,000-mile mark is a massive achievement, but to exceed 1.6 million seems almost impossible… except for one.

The Million-Mile Milestone, And What That Means For The Truck World

White 2020 Ford F-350 towing

Reaching a million miles in any vehicle is a remarkable achievement that speaks volumes about its reliability and quality. For the 2013 F-350 6.7 Super Duty To surpass this milestone, it demonstrates the superb engineering and craftsmanship that went into the construction of the pickup. Also, a key role in the pickup’s longevity is the owner’s regular, even premature, maintenance, which no doubt aided the F-350 on this notable journey.

This is impressive, but what implications could a million-mile pickup have on, not only the pickup world, but the automotive world at large? The success and reliable construction of the 6.7 Super Duty showcases the longevity and reliability of Ford’s heavy-duty trucks. The numbers clocked by Andrew’s F-350 are enough to set the benchmark for other manufacturers, as the million-mile Tacoma has, while reminding current F-350 owners and potential buyers that, if taken care of, this pickup can go the distance.

The Million-Mile Impact On The Electric Market

While Andrew’s F-350 has a relative impact on the pickup and internal combustion market, with its impressive numbers surely prompting others to pay closer attention to the reasons why it can go that distance, it also has an impact on the electric vehicle market. Any million-mile vehicle, pickup or not, will hold significance, as most vehicles don’t make it that far, even if they are the same model. This goes back to owner care and proactive maintenance.

That said, electric vehicles are starting to emerge as reliable, efficient vehicles that can do what gas-powered vehicles can do, only better. For instance, the million-mile Tesla Model S, which has received praise from Elon Musk himself, inspires visions of an all-electric future where counting miles is a thing of the past. Now, this future may still be far from tomorrow, but today’s vehicles display a certain willingness to push automotive engineering in the right direction, with more and more vehicles achieving impressively high mileage.

Ford’s Electric Future

Image of a silver, a blue, and a red Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford’s EV and hybrid efforts have found their way into nearly every class of vehicle offered by the Blue Oval, including cars, SUVs, and yes, pickups. The 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is a prime example of electric workhorses, boasting a powerful electric powertrain and respectable towing capability. The F-150 Lightning sits on the cutting-edge of technology and capability, with every modern touch one can consider, alongside Ford’s most up-to-date towing and trailering assist.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Specs


Dual eMotor


452 / 337


775 Lb.-Ft. / 1050 Nm

Battery Type


Battery Size

98 kWh

EPA Est. Range

230 Miles

Max Towing Cap.

7,700 Pounds

Max Payload Cap.

2,235 Pounds

(Source: Ford)

These features make the F-150 Lightning a possible glimpse into the future of tough utility vehicles. Not to mention, Toyota is slowly integrating their hybrid efforts into their pickup line with the i-FORCE MAX powertrain, which should shape up to be a game-changer in the world of off-road and sporting pickups, as well as working-class pickups. And let’s not forget, Toyota is currently making waves thanks to the impressive reliability of their gas-powered Tacoma. Who’s to say a hybrid or EV Taco won’t raise that bar? Ford hopes to do the same and expand upon their hard-working models with a diverse offering of power options, without sacrificing any capabilities.

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No Sign Of Ford, Or Andrew, Slowing Down

2024 Ford Maverick Hybrid

As mentioned before, Ford’s hybrid and EV efforts are on their way into the regular line-up, with more and more news emerging every day regarding future electric plans. This sentiment is observed across nearly every facet of the automotive world, with SUVs, sports cars, and pickups experiencing the electric renaissance alongside each other. This could mean clean power and capability for a wider range of industry, including passenger use and global fleet purposes. EVs and hybrids are efficient, easy on the environment, and are becoming increasingly cheaper to produce.

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