The Story Behind Chevy’s MX-5 Miata Fighter That Never Happened

Silver 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Summary The Mazda MX-5 Miata has few close rivals since its inception in ’89, though automakers like Ford and Kia have teased competitors. Chevy’s Tru 140S, while innovative in design and tech, failed to impress the audience or gain traction in production due to lack of interest. The Tru 140S boasted a sporty exterior, compact … Read more

Here’s What The Next-Gen Chevy Bolt Could Look Like

Chevrolet Bolt EV front-quarter

The Chevy Bolt has long been plagued with issues. Whether it was recalls, a lackluster design, bad user feedback, or an overly high price tag, something always seemed to stop it in its tracks. With a comfortable under $30,000 starting price tag and over 250 miles of range, we desperately wanted this nameplate to work. … Read more

Exclusive Rendering Reveals The 6×6 Tesla Cybertruck We Deserve

2024 Tesla Cybertruck: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

Tesla’s Cybertruck has made quite a splash in the electric and non-electric markets for many reasons. You have a boxy, almost year 3000 vibe in its design, although looking deeper: Where’s the ruggedness and all-terrain features? Many people have complained this EV pickup doesn’t offer as wild of a ride as they’d like for the … Read more

This Electric Porsche 911 Rendering Is What EV Dreams Are Made Of

Porsche 911 Gear Stick

Porsche, like pretty much every other automaker out there, is in a transitional period to electrification. However, while most of the Porsche lineup will become electric or is set to gain an electric version alongside its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterpart like the Macan, the 911 will continue to be powered by an ICE for … Read more

Here’s A Ferrari Motorcycle Render That’ll Give You Serious Daydreams

2024 Arc Vector Signature Edition Top-1

Not everyone may know of Pagani, Peninferina, or even Lamborghini, but everyone knows Ferrari. In a way, Ferrari is to supercars what Xerox is to photocopying. And while this Italian moniker may not sell its cars to everyone, most automotive enthusiasts would sell a kidney to own one, metaphorically speaking (not for us). But what … Read more

Would This Tesla Model Y Muscle Car Make You An EV Enthusiast?

Red Tesla Model Y front-quarter

Although Tesla has yet to release a muscle car (or anything adjacent), we do have renderings of what one could potentially look like. Muscle EVs are still a somewhat obscure niche in the market, with only Dodge attempting to create one. Tesla, the icon it is, could easily surpass the rest by releasing some type … Read more

This Ferrari Electric Superbike Render Will Turn You Into An EV Fan Boy

Summary We imagine a Ferrari superbike with 200 hp, futuristic design, and top-notch technological features. This electric super bike concept features dual-pod lights, aerodynamic fairings, Ohlins suspension, and lightweight magnesium wheels. While Ferrari hasn’t shown interest in motorcycles, the idea of a powerful electric bike from the Italian giant is a dream worth holding onto. … Read more

This Ford Mustang EV Rendering Is Our Vision Of The Pony Electrified

Blue Ford Mustang EV Rendering

Few cars stir the American spirit quite like the Ford Mustang. Since its roaring debut in 1964, the Mustang has transcended mere transportation, becoming an icon of freedom, power, and individual expression. Born from the vision of Ford executive Lee Iacocca, the Mustang aimed to capture the spirit of youth and excitement. Its affordable starting … Read more

A Mesmerizing Yamaha YZF-R9 Render That’ll Make You Forget About The YZF-R6

Summary Yamaha’s upcoming YZF-R9 is set to be a modern-day middleweight sport bike, slotting between the R7 and R1 in the lineup. The design of the YZF-R9 is expected to take inspiration from the flagship R1, featuring a muscular fuel tank and R1-derived cockpit. The R9 will be powered by an 889cc, triple-cylinder engine borrowed … Read more

TopSpeed’s Yamaha YZF-R9 Render Envisions The Sport Bike In A Standout Avatar

Our version of the YZF-R9 takes inspiration from the YZF-R1 The rumors of a new Yamaha YZF-R9 have been circling for over three years now. But in the first days of 2024, the idea of Yamaha’s middleweight sport bike has gained a lot of traction. Not only did Young Machine–a leading Japanese publication–reveal some juicy … Read more

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