What The Original Cast Of American Chopper Is Up To Now

Custom RE Super Meteor 650 1

Summary American Chopper was a groundbreaking reality TV show that followed the drama-filled lives of the Teutul family and their custom bike shop. The show’s popularity soared due to the explosive arguments between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., leading to a legal struggle and eventual cancelation. Despite the show’s end, the original cast members have … Read more

10 Most Luxurious American Cruisers For Long Distance Touring

2021 Harley-Davidson Sportster S cruiser

Cruising on a motorcycle is an exhilarating adventure that allows riders to explore the open road and experience the thrill of the journey. And comfort and luxury become essential factors if you plan to do that for a long time. The most luxurious cruiser motorcycles are designed with this in mind, offering riders a perfect … Read more

5 Powerful Metric Cruiser Bikes On The Market (5 American Alternatives)

Yamaha VMax

Which is better among metric and American cruisers? This is a borderline unanswerable question today. There was a time when metric cruiser motorcycles didn’t even exist, and when they did, they were merely imitations of their American counterparts. But things have changed today; metric cruisers have come a long way and offer performance and ownership … Read more

Ford’s North American dealers accused of faking recall repairs – report

Shocking allegations have arisen in the US of Ford dealerships incorrectly installing airbags – or not doing the job at all. View 3 images Ford dealerships in the US have been accused of faking the replacement of potentially deadly Takata airbags – or bodging repairs – in a bombshell report from newspaper The Detroit Free Press. … Read more

10 Fastest American Motorcycles In 2024


Historically, American motorcycle culture hasn’t been about aggressive riding or reaching 60 mph in a couple of seconds. Such craving for speed is more commonly associated with Italian and Japanese manufacturers. However, certain discrete efforts were documented, such as the Harley-Davidson V-R1000, Mission R, and Fischer MRX 650. These vehicles demonstrated some astounding top speeds, … Read more

10 American Celebrities That Dominate The Road In Pickup Trucks

For a red carpet event, A-list celebrities’ ride of choice is a limo, and all other times they are usually tooling around in European exotics or high-end luxury sedans. There are, however, some big-time stars who enjoy the humble honesty of a good old American pick-up truck. Granted, multi-millionaires don’t generally drive a beat-up 2001 … Read more

The Real Reason Why All American Cruiser Motorcycles Have V-twin Engines

BMW R 18 Dragster

Summary American culture, patriotism, and heritage play a significant role in why American motorcycle manufacturers stick with V-twin engines. V-twin engines are easier to work on, making them popular among American bikers, especially those who grew up during the Great Depression and World War II. V-twin engines offer a usable power band, torquey performance, and … Read more

10 Futuristic American Concept Cars That Defined The 1950s And 60s

Silver GM Firebird III ||

Summary The concept cars of the 1950s and 1960s were heavily inspired by advancements in the space and aviation industries, with tailfins being a prominent design feature to emulate the look of rockets. The 1951 GM LeSabre, with its flowing exterior style and powerful 3.5-liter V-8 engine, represents the bold and cutting-edge nature of concept … Read more

Powerful American Motorcycles That Aren’t Harleys

1965 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

When you think of American motorcycles, what is the first name that pops up in your head? Let’s be honest here, it’s not going to be Janus motorcycles. And while Janus is a perfectly fine company that produces unique motorcycles with a vintage flair, they’re not synonymous with American motor culture like a certain bar … Read more

Hate for American pick-up trucks isn’t anything new | Drive Flashback

No longer the workhorse, more the urban combat vehicle, Ford’s super-selling pick-up truck was bought in lieu of a passenger car by an astonishing 160,000 Americans last year. To put those numbers into perspective, 160,000 car “defectors” to the F-150 represent the combined total of Falcon and Commodore sales in Australia. Rob Margeit is an … Read more

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