10 Car Brands That Can Use Tesla’s Supercharging Network

Tesla at a Supercharger Station

Electric vehicles are no longer just toys or runabouts for local travel. Advancements in battery technology have made EVs capable of long road trips and daily driving without range anxiety. Advancements in charging technology have made these longer trips much less painful as well. EVs are nearly at the point where the convenience is parallel … Read more

Teslas have become a common sight, is it for a good reason?

The Tesla Model Y is an increasingly common sight on roads in Australia – and globally – thanks to competitive prices and a futuristic interior. Is it a top seller for a reason? What we love Spacious cabin, huge boot belies its bubble-like shape Great value for money Zippy performance, class-leading energy efficiency What we … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Charging Your Ford EV With Tesla’s Supercharger

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning charging

One of the biggest concerns for electric vehicle users is charging availability and time. Charge anxiety is an issue for many people looking to buy an EV. Having to constantly manage their battery percentage and time by finding the nearest source of power for an EV can feel like a chore and a problem. Fortunately, … Read more

Police charge man for allegedly keying Teslas

Authorities claimed the offender vandalised several vehicles – with the repairs estimated to cost more than $10,000. View 2 images New South Wales Police has reportedly charged an unnamed man it claimed ‘keyed’ six vehicles – including three Teslas – in a vandalism spree across northwest Sydney. Authorities say officers were called to a Schofields Shopping … Read more

Tesla’s latest update notifies drivers of multiple speed, red light and mobile phone camera locations

Other updated features include a construction symbol alerting drivers to road work areas, a police icon that could notify motorists of police presence and departments, a notification for oncoming stop signs, a “danger zone” which overseas reports speculate could be available in select regions only and a caution lights warning which hasn’t had its function … Read more

10 Things You Need To Know About Tesla’s Cyberquad For Kids

Tesla is reputed for diversifying its portfolio. In a little over a decade, the prominent manufacturer has released an EV for almost every category, be it its unique-looking pickup truck, or the electric SEMI that sprints from rest to 60 mph in five seconds! Aside from its vibrant fleet, the Austin-based company will also not … Read more

Porsche smashes Tesla’s Nurburgring electric-car lap time, quicker than most 911s

Porsche’s updated Taycan is the fastest electric sedan to lap the Nürburgring – beating the Tesla Model S Plaid by 17 seconds. But it’s not quite the quickest electric production car of any form around the race track. View 5 images The upcoming Porsche Taycan has obliterated the electric sedan lap record around Germany’s famed Nürburgring … Read more

The Lotus DC Charger Is Here To Take On Tesla’s Supercharger

In November, Lotus announced the brand’s plans to roll out a line of electric vehicle charging infrastructure designed to amplify availability and time spent on the road. Founded in 1948, Lotus began with a mission of fostering engineering innovations on and off-track. The automaker stayed true to its founding vision while adapting to the modern … Read more

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