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10 Unique Builds From American Chopper


For those who are passionate about custom motorcycles, American Chopper is a well-known show that premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2003. Spanning 12 seasons, it explores the world of custom motorcycle building through the experiences of the Teutul family and their business, Orange County Choppers, located in Newburgh, New York. The focus is on the dynamic between Paul Teutul Sr., often referred to as Senior, and Paul Teutul Jr., known as Junior, and their differing personalities and design philosophies. These add a dramatic element to the show.

Each episode typically chronicles the creation of a custom motorcycle for a client, from the initial design phase to the final unveiling. The show provides fans with insight into the commitment and creativity involved in constructing a custom bike that not only serves as transportation but also as a work of art on wheels. Paul Sr. had a preference for classic, robust choppers, while Paul Jr. gravitated towards more contemporary and streamlined designs. Throughout the series, they created many distinctive and eye-catching choppers, 10 of which are listed below due to their unique-ness.

To give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from orangecountychoppers.com, pauljrdesigns.com, discovery.com, IMDB.com, and other reputed online websites like hotcars.com and Motorcyclespecs.co.za. The custom choppers on this list have been arranged based on their unique design.

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10 Go Daddy Bike

Season: 4 / Episode: 7 & 8

OCC Go Daddy Bike
OCC Bikes

While most custom chopper commissions came from celebrities and charity events, a few also came from private companies. These companies likely sought to promote their business through popular TV show appearances, featuring a motorcycle branded with their logo. However, this often meant that Teutul’s faced restrictions on designing and developing a custom motorcycle that would fulfill the specific expectations of their corporate clients.

In season four, GoDaddy, an internet company, requested a chopper with a color scheme that matched their corporate colors of lime green and bright orange. The bike was unmissable thanks to its eye-catching color scheme. Opinions are divided on whether this color combination works, but there’s no doubt it made a statement.

Design Highlights:

  • Blend of classic chopper styling with modern features.
  • Bright lime green and orange color scheme.
  • Low-riding stance paired with sleek, futuristic design elements.

9 Liberty Bike

Season: 1/ Episode: 24 & 25

OCC Liberty Bike custom chopper
Gold Leaf Corporation/Wikimedia Commons

The Liberty Bike was a rolling piece of American history, meticulously crafted by the OCC crew on their American Chopper show. It was commissioned in 2004 by the Gold Leaf Corporation, which desired a bike that included original copper fixtures from the Statue of Liberty. The copper used in the bike was preserved during the statue’s restoration in 1986.

The body of the Liberty Bike is entirely plated in copper, and its design includes various elements that pay homage to Lady Liberty. For example, the bike’s shift lever is made from a section of electrical cable that previously illuminated the torch. Additionally, the carburetor is designed to look like a torch and light up when the engine is running. The bike’s swingarm is inspired by the statue’s interior structure, and the detailing on the bike includes spiky designs similar to the crown.

Design Highlights:

  • Copper plating from the Statue of Liberty.
  • A torch-inspired carburetor that illuminates.
  • Crown-like spiky detailing.

8 Carroll Shelby Bike

Season: 2 / Episode: 13 & 14

OCC Carroll Shelby Bike custom chopper
Barrett Jackson Auctions

In a two-part episode of American Chopper in 2005, the OCC crew constructed a chopper to honor the legendary car designer Carroll Shelby. The team’s challenge was to encapsulate the spirit of Shelby’s iconic creation, the Shelby Cobra, renowned for its aerodynamic design and robust engine. Drawing inspiration from the classic Shelby Mustang, the OCC team crafted the bike’s design.

The tank resembles the head of a cobra, complete with fangs and airbrushed snake scales. Mirroring the supercharged engine of the Shelby GT500E Super Snake, the chopper boasts an impressive 131 horsepower. The handlebars, created by Lecarra, incorporate wood inlay reminiscent of the original Shelby steering wheel, while the Rowe performance wheels are designed to echo the Shelby’s PSE wheels. Completing the tribute, Carroll Shelby’s autograph and the Shelby GT500E emblem are intricately embroidered into the bespoke leather seat.

Design Highlights:

  • A cobra-shaped fuel tank with fangs and airbrushed snake scales.
  • A rear spoiler is influenced by Shelby’s design.
  • The Shelby GT500E logo is prominently displayed in several key areas.

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7 Dixie Chopper Bike

Season: 1 / Episode: 26 & 27

OCC Dixie Chopper Bike custom chopper
Derek Jensen/Wikimedia Commons

The Dixie Chopper was a unique motorcycle built by Dixie Choppers Lawn Mowers, based in Coatesville, Indiana, to commemorate their 25th anniversary. The lawnmower company approached the OCC to create the “Dixie Chopper Bike” as a promotional tool for their line of lawnmowers inspired by the hit show American Chopper. They believed that the word “chopper” would be amusing enough to generate interest in the product and increase brand recognition.

This motorcycle is unlike any other, as it is constructed entirely from lawn mower parts, including the engine, footboards, and rims. The most noticeable lawn mower part, meanwhile, is the engine, which is a modified 1000cc Generac lawn mower engine rated at 32 horsepower. However, the engine had to be modified further to accept a motorcycle transmission and reach certain speeds to make the bike street-ready.

Design Highlights:

6 Anti-Venom Bike

Season: 7 / Episode: 5 & 6

PJD Anti Venom Bike cutom chopper
Paul Jr. Designs

The Anti-Venom bike is not only one of the most impressive creations featured on American Chopper, but it also represents a pivotal moment for Paul Jr., signifying a new beginning following his split from OCC. Constructed under his own brand, Paul Jr. Designs (PJD), the chopper reflects his unique design vision and is a nod to his original design principles. Notably, it was the first instance of Paul Jr. incorporating the spider web motif, which would become a hallmark of his style. The bike features a unique “web theme” throughout its design, including sharp mirrors, web inserts on the fuel tank and both fenders. Oh, and the motorcycle made its debut during the inaugural season of American Chopper: Senior vs Junior, a spin-off series that commenced after a dramatic rift between the two leads.

Design Highlights:

  • Clean, classic chopper aesthetics with a unified spider theme.
  • A three-dimensional spider web inserts over the gas tank and fenders.
  • Three-dimensional spider web inserts on high-gloss black wheels.

5 Geico Bike

Season: 11 / Episode: 2 & 3

Geico, an insurance company, was the first customer to commission a custom chopper from Paul Jr. Designs after it separated from OCC. The chopper, named Geico Bike, was featured in a two-part episode of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior show in 2010. Its design was inspired by Geico’s gecko mascot and featured a “tail” that curled around from the rear of the bike to the rear wheel.

The vibrant green and yellow color scheme matched Geico’s signature colors. PJD also incorporated various Geico branding elements like their gecko mascot and company logos throughout the bike to ensure high brand recognition. Following the success of the Geico bike, Paul Jr. also created an Armed Forces bike for Geico, which was unveiled at the USO Patriotic Festival in Virginia Beach.

Design Highlights:

  • A striking green and yellow color scheme is reflective of Geico’s branding.
  • Gecko mascot logos are featured throughout the bike, including on the tank.
  • A “tail” design winding from the bike’s rear fender over the rear wheel.

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4 Cadillac Bike

Season: 8 / Episode: 6 & 7

PJD Cadillac Bike custom chopper
Paul Jr. Designs

The Cadillac Bike featured on American Chopper was a commissioned project from Cadillac that turned into a televised competition between two teams – OCC led by Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. Designs led by Paul Jr. The episode, which aired in 2011, put the design skills and leadership styles of both teams head-to-head. Both teams were tasked to capture the essence of Cadillac in their builds, incorporating design elements that reflected Cadillac’s luxury image and performance heritage, using the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe as inspiration.

Cadillac’s executives decided that the best way to get the best custom choppers was to commission both Senior and Junior to design and build their version of the brief, with fans voting to decide which of the motorcycles was the best. Both bikes were later auctioned off to raise money for charity. By the end of the show, it was evident that Junior had outperformed his father, having secured more votes.

Design Highlights:

  • A classic chopper aesthetic with sleek black paintwork.
  • Rear fender styled after the Cadillac deck lid.
  • Prominent Cadillac branding on the chopper.

3 Fire Bike

Season 1: / Episode: 5 to 7

OCC Fire Bike custom chopper
OCC Bikes

The Fire Bike is widely considered one of the best custom choppers built by the OCC on American Chopper. It was created for the New York City Fire Department, in honor of the brave firefighters who lost their lives during the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Its design mirrors a fire truck, with red paint, a gas tank shaped like a truck cab, ladder-themed suspension covers, an exhaust pipe resembling a fire hose, and diamond plate details. Embedded in the gas tank is a piece of metal from the World Trade Center, and the numbers “343” adorn the tank and rear fender, symbolizing the firefighters who lost their lives during the rescue efforts on that fateful day.

Design Highlights:

  • A fire-engine-red paint with gold and chrome embellishments.
  • The number “343” is emblazoned on the tank and rear fender.
  • A unique fire hose-styled exhaust pipe.

2 Eragon Bike

Season: 4 / Episode: 3 & 4

OCC Eragon Bike custom chopper
OCC Bikes

The OCC created a custom chopper inspired by the fantasy film “Eragon” in a two-part episode in 2006. This project was a special collaboration between the American Chopper cast and the movie’s cast to translate the world of Eragon into a two-wheeled form. The design centered around a dragon theme, with elements reflecting the film’s enchanting universe. An intriguing aspect was the crew’s visit to the New York Renaissance Faire for design inspiration. The completed bike showcased an elongated front end, a blue color scheme with dragon scale motifs on the fuel tank, and rear fenders resembling a dragon’s tail.

Design Highlights:

  • Fuel tank designed to mimic dragon scales.
  • Down tube crafted to resemble a double-edged axe.
  • Seat fashioned akin to a saddle.

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1 NY Yankees Bike

Season: 2 / Episode: 27 & 28

OCC NY Yankees Bike custom bike
OCC Bikes

Although the NY Yankees bike was commissioned by the Jorge Posada Foundation for a charity auction, it holds special significance for Paul Sr. due to his mother’s affection for the team. Even for those not fond of the Yankees, this bike might be an exception, showcasing an elegant custom chopper design on the American Chopper show. It boasts a white and navy-blue color scheme, echoing the team’s iconic hues and autographs from the Yankees players on the bodywork. The wheels showcase the famous NY emblem and a baseball-shaped fuel cap, making it a coveted piece for any Yankees enthusiast. A special shoutout goes to the exhaust resembling a baseball bat.

Design Highlights:

  • White base with navy blue pinstripes painted.
  • Exhaust that mimics a baseball bat.
  • OCC’s signature sculpted teardrop fuel tank.


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