5 Best American V-Twin Engines Ranked By Power

[ad_1] In the realm of motorcycles, few things evoke the same sense of awe and admiration as the thunderous roar of an all-American V-Twin engine. These iconic powerplants are renowned for their commanding presence, signature rumble, and unparalleled torque delivery. Dating back to as early as 1889, the V-Twin was initially included in cars and … Read more

The Smallest Displacement V-Twin Engine Ever On A Production Motorcycle

Black 2023 Yamaha V-Star 250 cruising through a parking lot

[ad_1] Summary Twin-cylinder engines offer faster revs, less vibration, and better torque spread, making them a popular choice for motorcycles globally. Small V-twin engines like the Suzuki VL 125LC Intruder and Honda VT125 Shadow offer a cost-effective option for European markets. The Keeway V Cruise 125, the last of the 125 cc v-twins, boasts mature … Read more

The Largest V-Twin Engine Ever Featured On A Production Motorcycle 

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite (6)

[ad_1] Summary V-twin engines offer soulful character and low-end power in cruiser motorcycles. Kawasaki’s VN2000, with its massive four-inch piston, provides exceptional low-end torque and impressive performance despite its age. While inspired by Harley-Davidson, the Vulcan 2000 stands out as a comfortable cruiser with a design that has left a lasting impact on the segment. … Read more

Beware Honda Rebel, This New V-twin Cruiser Has Entered America

Benelli TRK 702 

[ad_1] Summary Keeway V302 C offers unique design & features, standing out in the 300-400cc segment. It has a 296cc V-twin engine, capable of 30 horsepower & 19.5 pound-feet torque. Priced competitively at $4,999, the V302 C outshines its rivals like Royal Enfield Meteor 350 & Honda Rebel 300. Back in 1999, Keeway opened its … Read more

Why The V-Twin Is The Standard Engine For Big Cruisers

2023 Indian Roadmaster engine close-up detail

[ad_1] Summary Cruisers thrive on emotions more than performance numbers; evoke freedom, love, rebellion. V-twin cruisers are powerful, reliable, but laid back for comfortable long rides. V-twin engines bring character, vibrations, and torque delivery for cruisers’ appeal. Sports bikes are all about performance and adventure bikes are all about practicality. But if there’s one segment … Read more

Why The Crocker V-Twin Is Worth A Million Dollars

Flying Merkel studio shot

[ad_1] Summary An American Crocker V-Twin commanded a million-dollar price tag at auctions. The Crocker V-Twin was faster and more powerful than Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles. Crocker built bikes around the rider, offering customizability and a money-back guarantee. Every now and then, Brough Superiors and Vincent motorcycles steal the spotlight as exclusive, bespoke relics of … Read more

10 Smallest V-Twin Engine Motorcycles Beginners Will Enjoy


[ad_1] The V-twin engine configuration is one of the most recognizable for motorcycles, and the idling ‘potato potato’ sound of a long-stroke, high-torque V-twin has been the soundtrack of the American motorcycling landscape for over a century. It is understandable if, as a beginner, you want to skip the single-cylinder motorcycles and get to the … Read more

The Real Reason Why All American Cruiser Motorcycles Have V-twin Engines

BMW R 18 Dragster

[ad_1] Summary American culture, patriotism, and heritage play a significant role in why American motorcycle manufacturers stick with V-twin engines. V-twin engines are easier to work on, making them popular among American bikers, especially those who grew up during the Great Depression and World War II. V-twin engines offer a usable power band, torquey performance, … Read more

10 Powerful V-twin Cruisers That Aren’t Harleys

[ad_1] Powerful V-twin cruisers; hearing this, the first name that shoots up in our heads is Harley-Davidson. And rightfully so. For decades, Harley has produced some incredible cruisers; even its present lineup is crowded with a number of beautiful beasts with robust Milwaukee power figures. But Harley’s competitors are not far behind. And by competitors, … Read more

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