New 2024 GX 550 Interior Design: Lexus Wasted No Time

Here’s our quick GX 550 video on YouTube. Tucson, Arizona — Lexus wasted no time changing the new GX 550 interior, especially up front. Just two years ago, the 2022 GX 460’s cabin had been completely redesigned and looked nothing like the previous version, gaining a larger screen up top and a sleeker layout. But with … Read more

2024 Toyota Prius Interior Photos: Look Inside The Hybrid’s Features And Specs

2024 Toyota Prius Prime

The 2024 Toyota Prius builds on the much more dramatic 2023 release, which broke the internet last year. For the newest generation, we see a few minor interior tweaks, although that is it. Most often, car brands don’t drastically change a nameplate year after year, but rather once every few: So 2023 was the big … Read more

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Interior is Surprisingly Expansive

Originally published in December 2021 during the first drive event, and updated January 2024. San Diego, CA – Let’s face it, concept cars are highly stylized, glossy machines void of any actual motor, gleaming under the auto show lights. Typically, ambitious designers conjure far-fetched ideas — all in an attempt to showcase what’s to come … Read more

Porsche Taycan Interior Layouts And Technology Explained

When it comes to electric vehicles, you must be expecting a tech-forward interior that matches the futuristic vibe of these rides. It’s no surprise that today’s EVs boast seriously advanced interiors, and a big part of that is the impressive touchscreen that practically runs the whole show. But it’s not just about flashy screens. EVs, … Read more

2024 Chevy Chevelle Release Date, Price, Specs, Interior, Pros & Cons

The 2024 Chevy Chevelle is coming back with an amazing exterior design and a more powerful powertrain that can generate a max power output of 1500 HP. So you can imagine how powerful it will be. But if you don’t like so much power, then it also offers a less powerful 450 HP Engine which … Read more

2025 Kia K5 Specs, Interior, Price, Features

2025 Kia K5 Specs, Interior, Price, Features

The 2025 Kia K5 is a mid-size sedan meticulously designed by Kia, the renowned South Korean automaker, to provide a harmonious blend of style, performance, and cutting-edge technology features within its segment. 2025 Kia K5 Specs, Interior, Price, Features 2025 Kia K5 Reviews The 2025 model year showcases a contemporary and sleek exterior characterized by a … Read more

2024 Toyota Corolla Release Date, Price, Specs, Interior

2024 Toyota Corolla Release Date, Price, Specs, Interior

The 2024 Toyota Corolla, the best-selling and most affordable sedan from Toyota, has a rich history. The twelfth generation of the Toyota Corolla was completely redesigned in 2020, and this model is a part of that generation. 2024 Toyota Corolla Release Date, Price, Specs, Interior Last year, in 2022, Toyota gave the Corolla a significant update … Read more

2025 GMC Terrain Denali, Interior, Price

2025 GMC Terrain Denali, Interior, Price

It was introducing the much-anticipated 2025 GMC Terrain, a testament to comfort and luxury within its cabin. Prepare for a journey that boasts a spacious and inviting atmosphere, generously accommodating passengers both in the front and rear seats. The innovative Yaz touchscreen technology integrated into the infotainment system harmonizes smartphone integration, navigation, and other functionalities, … Read more

2025 Nissan Maxima EV, Interior, Specs, Price

2025 Nissan Maxima EV, Interior, Specs, Price

It is introducing the Nissan Maxima, a powerhouse among full-size sports sedans, boasting a robust V6 powertrain that delivers a thrilling 300 horsepower. However, as its current generation bows out after the 2023 model year, the anticipation for the 2025 Nissan Maxima grows. Brace yourself for an electrifying transformation, as the next-generation Maxima will dawn … Read more

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