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10 Analog Luxury Cars That Prioritize Comfort Over Technology

Gold 2023 Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge

[ad_1] In 2024, luxury cars are more advanced than ever before. With countless borderline unnecessary gimmicks like night vision, and cooled cupholders, the extent that some carmakers will go to overcharge you for optional extras is unbelievable. Technology has come so far, that we’re already seeing all-electric luxury cars from big brands like the BMW … Read more

How Subaru’s New Ignition Technology Could Keep The Combustion Engine Alive

Silver Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept

[ad_1] With the automotive landscape shifting toward clean energy and less waste, combustion engines are edging closer and closer to the chopping block. Hybrids and EVs offer more benefits with regard to reduced emissions, reduced fuel costs, and less demanding internal power operations. Simply put, clean energy is becoming a larger part of society, it’s … Read more

Say Hello To Harley-Davidson’s New Airbag Technology

Zeths Vincent 316 Hero

[ad_1] Summary The Harley-Davidson Smart Vest is based on the Dainese D-air airbag vest, combining style with safety. The airbag vest instantly deploys on impact using advanced technology, offering protection equivalent to 7 back protectors. Designed for cruiser riders, the Smart Vest is comfortable, stylish, and comes in various sizes at an MSRP of $850. … Read more

BYD to introduce new second-generation 1000km battery technology

[ad_1] Second-gen blade battery tech promises a longer driving range and lower costs within months from on sale in China, with Australia to follow.  BYD will introduce its second-generation ‘blade’ battery pack – with enough range to drive an electric car from Sydney to Melbourne on a single charge – as soon as August 2024. … Read more

Next-generation technology ‘unsafe’, says world’s largest battery maker

[ad_1] The so-called ‘Battery King’ says the new solid-state tech spearheaded by Toyota is unreliable and unsafe. Dr Robin Zeng The founder of the world’s largest supplier of lithium-ion batteries, CATL, has labelled solid-state batteries as impractical and unsafe – alleging ‘showstopper’ claims ignore the real-world limits of the technology. Dr Robin Zeng – who … Read more

Unveiling the 2024 Ford Maverick: Trims & Technology

2024 Ford Maverick XL in white posing in front of modern home

[ad_1] After what has felt like an eternity of waiting, the compact pickup truck segment is back. With a few new models expected to come up, we couldn’t be more excited. A pioneer in this miraculous comeback is the Ford Maverick, which has popped onto the scene to a roar of applause and cheers. The … Read more

How Lithium–Silicon Technology Breathes New Life Into Lithium-Ion Batteries

Solid-State Battery Concept

[ad_1] Summary Lithium-silicon batteries improve performance via silicon-anode integration, which boosts energy density by 20-40%. Group14’s SCC55 technology enhances lithium-ion batteries by controlling silicon swelling, reducing charge times and extending lifespan. SCC55 elevates traditional lithium-ion batteries and has a cost-effective scaling potential. With solid-state batteries just around the corner, as well as big strides being … Read more

History And Technology Behind Honda’s VTEC Engine

2022 Subaru WRX

[ad_1] Summary VTEC technology allowed Honda to improve engine performance and fuel economy across various models. The evolution of VTEC engines includes different variations like SOHC VTEC and i-VTEC to enhance efficiency and power. Honda’s VTEC engines, famous for durability, efficiency, and high power output, continue to be used in popular models today. Variable Valve … Read more

Proof That Toyota Has Been Working On Fuel-cell Technology For 30+ Years

Blue 2022 Toyota Mirai

[ad_1] Since the early 90s, Japanese auto brand Toyota has invested in clean energy for its vehicles and manufacturing. Because the history of Toyota’s involvement in fuel-cell development dates back as early as 1992, that makes 31+ years of testing, building, and cutting down on emissions. The brand has always been a pioneer in hybrid … Read more

10 Things To Know About Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

[ad_1] Hydrogen has long been seen as an ideal fuel source for motor vehicles. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and processing it as fuel results in zero emissions besides water vapor. The basics of fuel cell technology are about 200 years old, and have been improved exponentially over that period. NASA … Read more

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