GM (General Motors) - SUV VEHICLE

GM Super Cruise vs Tesla Autopilot: Who’s The Daddy?

2021 Cadillac Escalade interior.

[ad_1] In the not-so-distant past, the idea of a car whipping down the highway without a human at the wheel was the stuff of Jetsons cartoons and science fiction. Today, however, that vision is rapidly inching closer to reality. Car companies around the globe are in a heated race to develop autonomous driving technology, with … Read more

The Story Behind GM’s Return To The Plug-in Hybrid Fold

How Honda-GM's Partnership Challenges Toyota's Hydrogen Ambitions

[ad_1] Summary GM’s return to plug-in hybrid (PHEV) technology reflects a recalibration of their electric vehicle (EV) strategy due to a slowdown in EV sales and market factors like limited charging infrastructure and higher upfront costs. PHEVs offer advantages such as extended range and reduced emissions during shorter commutes, but their environmental benefit is impacted … Read more

How Honda-GM’s Partnership Challenges Toyota’s Hydrogen Ambitions

How Honda-GM's Partnership Challenges Toyota's Hydrogen Ambitions

[ad_1] Summary The Honda-GM partnership presents a significant challenge to Toyota’s leadership in fuel-cell technology, forcing Toyota to innovate further or risk losing ground in the industry. The joint venture between Honda and GM, Fuel Cell System Manufacturing LLC, is focused on enhancing the performance and durability of fuel cells, making fuel-cell vehicles more attractive … Read more

GM And Honda Are Commercially Brewing Hydrogen Fuel Cells In Their New U.S. Plant

2024 Toyota Crown Z (FCEV)

[ad_1] For centuries, the dream of clean transportation has driven innovation. Among the contenders, hydrogen fuel cells stand out, promising zero emissions and a potential revolution in how we move. But, their journey, from scientific curiosity to viable solution, has been long and winding. The basic concept is simple: hydrogen and oxygen combine in a … Read more

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