A Forgotten ’90s Sports Sedan That Was A Supercar Slayer: The Untold Story

Side view of a green Aston Martin V8 Vantage V550

Summary Lotus Engineering worked with GM to create the Lotus Carlton, using the Vauxhall Carlton as a base and making significant engine and exterior modifications. The Lotus Carlton’s performance and speed were its defining features, making it one of the fastest sedans in the world. Despite controversy and limited sales, it remains a symbol of … Read more

The Story Behind The Forgotten 20th Century Three-wheeled Danish EV, The CityEl

Profile view of a red GM EV1

Summary The CityEl, a quirky three-wheeled electric vehicle, showcased the potential of EVs and paved the way for future innovations. Despite its limitations, the CityEl proved that electric cars could be practical and functional for daily commutes and errands. The CityEl’s legacy lives on as an inspiration for continued innovation in the EV sector, reminding … Read more

The Extraordinary Story Of The Million Mile Porsche

Auto Union P52-1

Summary Guy Newmark has driven his Porsche 356 C for 1 million miles over nearly 50 years, a testament to the quality and durability of Porsche vehicles. The Porsche 356 C has been a cherished member of the Newmark family, serving as a reliable mode of transportation for both father and son. The story of … Read more

Story Behind The Ultra-Rare HEMI-Powered 4-Door Mopar Classic

Orange Ball-Stud HEMI Engine

Summary Dropping a Hemi engine in a four-door car like the 1966 Dodge Coronet can transform it into a powerful track terror, turning a family sedan into a street racer’s dream. Only five four-door 1966 Coronets were equipped with a 426 Hemi engine, making them extremely rare and highly sought-after in the collector’s market. Four-door … Read more

The Story Behind GM’s Return To The Plug-in Hybrid Fold

How Honda-GM's Partnership Challenges Toyota's Hydrogen Ambitions

Summary GM’s return to plug-in hybrid (PHEV) technology reflects a recalibration of their electric vehicle (EV) strategy due to a slowdown in EV sales and market factors like limited charging infrastructure and higher upfront costs. PHEVs offer advantages such as extended range and reduced emissions during shorter commutes, but their environmental benefit is impacted by … Read more

The story behind that anti-Tesla Super Bowl ad

On top of the autosteer, traffic-aware cruise control, navigational autopilot, auto lane changes and auto parking offered on Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot suite, FSD adds traffic and stop sign control (in Beta). This means that Tesla claims FSD can identify stop signs and traffic lights, automatically coming to a stop where necessary “with your active supervision”. … Read more

The Story Behind The Ultra-Rare 4-Door C3 Corvette And Why It Exists

Summary A four-door Chevrolet Corvette is an unconventional and seemingly impossible concept, but it was actually a real project sanctioned by General Motors in 1980. The four-door Corvette, known as the Corvette America, was built by California Custom Coach and only a handful of examples were ever produced. Despite its unconventional design, it actually looked … Read more

The Story Behind The Ducati 916 And Its Impact On Modern Superbike Design

Summary The Ducati 916 is considered one of the most important motorcycles ever built and set the template for Ducati sports bikes. The 916 was a challenging bike to ride and was bred for racing, but its esthetics and fresh ideas made it legendary. The design of the 916 was influenced by the Ducati 851, … Read more

The Story Behind The Incredible 1,300-HP Time Attack Chevrolet Corvette

Key Takeaways Feras Qartoumy’s C6 Chevrolet Corvette is a constantly evolving race car that has seen success in various racing series, including time trial-style competition. The Corvette has achieved global time attack success, competing in events like the World Time Attack Challenge in Australia, where it won in its class in 2023. Qartoumy is focusing … Read more

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