This E-Motorcycle Has An Insane 500,000-Mile Battery Warranty - SUV VEHICLE

This E-Motorcycle Has An Insane 500,000-Mile Battery Warranty



  • Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle offers warranties with unprecedented coverage up to 497,097 miles.
  • The battery pack on the F77 retained 95% of its capacity after 60,000 miles of riding during tests.
  • With a 190-mile range, 27 kW motor, and premium features, the F77 aims to revolutionize the electric motorcycle market.

Battery packs are arguably the single most pricey component on an electric motorcycle. They can cost thousands of dollars to replace, which instills some serious doubts in potential EV customers before signing the deposit check. This is why electric bikemakers constantly try to offer extended warranties on their batteries.

But popular EV-maker Ultraviolette didn’t just want extended warranties, it wanted to set a new precedent. And that’s precisely what it’s just done, by announcing a new warranty plan for its F77 electric motorcycle. A plan with a maximum coverage of nearly 500,000 miles! Here’s everything you need to know.

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Ultraviolette Has Doubled Its Standard Warranty Plan

Under its new initiative, Ultraviolette offers three warranty packs: UV Care, UV Care+, and UV Care Max. The first is offered as standard with the base model of the F77. It comprises three years of warranty, alongside a ~37,200-mile limit (60,000 km). Then, the Care+ is offered with the top-spec Recon variant of the F77. It includes five years of coverage or ~62,100 miles (100,000 km). Both distance figures are twice as much as the previous limit by the brand.

The party trick, meanwhile, is the Care Max plan. Offered only as an upgrade for the Recon variant, it boosts the warranty duration to a whopping eight years or 497,097 miles (800,000 km). This is by far the highest warrant period we’ve witnessed for a two-wheeler worldwide. For reference, Zero Motorcycles offers a five-year warranty on its electric motorcycle batteries with no extension option.

Ultraviolette’s move is courtesy of recent testing results. The F77’s battery retained 95 percent of its original capacity after being ridden for over 60,000 miles. The company also suggests this level of reliability is down to its extensive battery engineering methods to ensure longevity.

Warranty Pack


Old Limit

New Limit

UV Care

3 years

30,000 km

60,000 km

UV Care+

5 years

60,000 km

100,000 km

UV Care Max

8 years

100,000 km

800,000 km

The Ultraviolette F77 Has A Claimed Range Of 190 Miles

Ultraviolette F77 Side

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Coming to the motorcycle, the F77 comes armed with a 27 kW mid-mounted electric motor. It’s good for a 0-60mph sprint in eight seconds while maxing out at about 90 miles per hour. The motor draws power from a 7.1 kWh battery pack that’s said to offer 190 miles of maximum range. That’s immediately better than many entry-level e-motorcycles on offer here.

To make matters sweeter, you get quality underpinnings and features, too. It’s built around a steel trellis chassis that suspends on 41 mm USD forks and a monoshock. This is partnered by 17-inch alloy wheels, each with a single disc brake to slow you down. Features, meanwhile, comprise a TFT instrument cluster, ride modes, ride-by-wire, smartphone connectivity, and dual-channel ABS–all as standard. Oh, and this isn’t your usual prototype EV. Ultraviolette has started deliveries in India and it’s ready to enter Europe next. North America to follow suit, we hope!

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