Savic Motorcycles New C-Series EV Two-Wheeler

Known for their high-performance electric motorcycles (and winning some design awards along the way), Australia-based Savic Motorcycles unleashed the new C-Series. With fewer moving parts and less servicing, the company believes the merits of an all-electric two-wheeler outweigh the old gas-guzzlers. We’re not abandoning old-school bikes just yet, but this C-Series excites us about a … Read more

10 New 2024 Electric Motorcycles, Ranked By Power

2024 yellow Velocifero Race-X electric motorcycle

The thing about being a two-wheel fanatic is that there seems to always be a place inside the garage for another motorcycle. What better compliment than an electric motorbike that matches your riding tastes and style? Though they are relatively new, electric bikes are already changing the game. Those who purchase them do so for … Read more

Kawasaki’s new electric Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 are easy to charge and simple to ride.

2024 Kawasaki Ninja e-1 silver and lime green

Summary The 2024 Kawasaki Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 are all-electric motorcycles with sportbike styling and comparable performance to the 125cc class of machines. The bikes feature an e-boost function for added power, dual lithium-ion batteries that are removable for easy charging, and a full-size chassis for a more advanced look. However, the bikes have … Read more

10 Cheapest Electric Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2024

Yellow Damon HyperSport Premier electric motorcycle

Although electric motorcycles are known for their significantly lower running and maintenance costs, one of the most common gripes is their high price when compared to gasoline-powered counterparts. Especially for high-performance electric motorcycles like the LiveWire One, Zero SR/S, Energica Ego+ RS, and Damon HyperSport, which cost more than $20,000. However, the rising demand for … Read more

India’s Ather Energy 450 Apex Is A Fun EV You’d Want In America

Summary The Ather 450 Apex electric scooter is unlike most e-scooters that focus on commuting. It has a unique design, with a distinct triangular LED light and see-through plastic panels to showcase the internals. Also offers impressive features such as a two-way throttle, touchscreen instrument cluster, four ride modes, and smartphone connectivity. If someone asks … Read more

10 Fastest Electric Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2024

Modern electric motorcycles are breaking free from the stereotype of being boring and commuter-focused, intended primarily for urban riding. Not only are they a lot of fun to ride, with instant acceleration and nimble handling, but some of them can reach unbelievable speeds that will leave you with a beaming grin on your face. Due … Read more

10 Crazy Facts About Kawasaki’s First Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycle

Automobile manufacturers have been looking into many types of alternatives in their pursuit of zero-carbon emission transportation. While most companies are betting heavily on electric motorcycles, Japanese automakers are looking at hydrogen fuel as a potential alternative to gasoline. Although working toward EVs, they are also looking to find ways to preserve internal combustion engines. … Read more

The 200-HP Verge TS Ultra E-Motorcycle Just Became More Innovative

Summary The update includes Verge’s Starmatter software, which incorporates over-the-air updates, sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and a Human-Machine-Interface to enhance the motorcycle’s performance and interaction with the rider. 360-degree cameras and two radars now come standard. Ever since electric motorcycles came to life, they’ve always had a technological edge over their internal combustion engine counterparts. … Read more

America’s Newest Electric Scooter Has More Power Than A Harley-Davidson Street Bob!

Summary The Horwin Senmenti 0 electric scooter boasts a top speed of 124mph. Comes with advanced features such as 360-degree cameras, radar, and a seven-inch TFT instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity. Priced at $16,800, the Senmenti 0 is a premium offering with a higher price tag compared to other electric scooters. In recent years, the … Read more

10 Most Affordable Electric Motorcycles In 2024

Automobile electrification is imminent and is progressing at a rapid pace, thanks to modern competent EVs, innovative technologies, and growing charging infrastructure. Although electric cars have been a popular choice for a few years, electric motorcycles have been growing in popularity due to their higher efficiency than their four-wheel counterparts. As a result, it has … Read more

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