10 Battery Technologies Currently In Development

Red 2023 Toyota bZ4X

As the electric vehicle technology continues to advance, batteries are becoming more crucial than ever. In the past decade, advances in battery technology have already enabled electric vehicles to travel further, charge faster, and become more affordable for consumers. Battery technology is rapidly evolving, with new and exciting developments around the corner. Current battery technologies … Read more

How Porsche Is Breaking Bad With The Development Of Synthetic Fuel

Porsche Macan EV

Summary Porsche is developing eFuels, a type of synthetic fuel produced from renewable energy sources, as an alternative to gas-powered cars. These eFuels are nearly carbon-neutral and can be used interchangeably with traditional gasoline in combustion engines. Porsche plans to use eFuels not only in their own vehicles but also in planes, shipping trucks, and … Read more

Mazda to use artificial intelligence to accelerate electric-car development

The Japanese car maker has strengthened ties with a Cambridge-based tech company to use AI to reduce electric-vehicle development times. View 3 images Mazda is tapping into Artificial Intelligence (AI) to cut development time of electric vehicles. The Japanese car maker has invested an undisclosed amount as part of a $US16 million ($AU24.3 million) round of … Read more

Volkswagen to slash new-car development time to three years

The German automaker is reportedly planning to save more than $AU16.2 billion by 2026 with the introduction of a new cost-saving program. View 2 images Volkswagen is planning to save a reported €10 billion ($AU16.2 billion) by introducing a new cost-cutting program – dubbed the ‘Accelerate Forward/ Road to 6.5’ – which will see the development … Read more

BYD Further Solidifies Its EV Dominance With The Development Of Sodium-ion Batteries

The electric vehicle (EV) battery landscape is on the cusp of a significant transformation, fueled by the ambitious strides of Chinese automotive giant BYD. While lithium-ion batteries have long dominated the scene, BYD’s groundbreaking construction of a sodium-ion battery plant in Xuzhou, China, marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of alternative battery technologies. Founded … Read more

Honda’s Progress With The Solid-state Battery Development Could Make It A Force To Reckon With

For several years, solid-state batteries have been like the stars at night. For various reasons, SSBs just never seem ready to leave the laboratory. However, Honda has come up with a small but crucial design change that could finally push solid-state batteries out of the research center and onto the pavement: inner protective layers. This … Read more

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