How BYD and CATL’s Solid-state Battery Partnership Impacts Toyota And Tesla

Toyota bZ4X

Solid-state batteries just got a formidable new acronym: CASIP. That stands for the China All-Solid-State Battery Collaborative Innovation Platform, a consortium of multiple Chinese battery manufacturers, including EV giant BYD’s battery subsidiary FinDreams, battery company CATL (the name expands to Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited), EV manufacturer Nio, and other major players in the Chinese … Read more

Why Toyota Needed To Partner With Idemitsu To Build Its 745-mile Solid-state Battery

It turns out that designing fundamentally new batteries is really hard. Toyota has been promising a solid-state “wonder battery” for over a decade, and its progress has been slow enough to cause everyone besides the most optimistic people to lose faith that Toyota will ever produce a solid-state battery. Toyota is currently one of the … Read more

What Nobody Is Telling You About Solid-State Batteries

Electric Car Battery Replacement

Solid-state batteries have been promised by major car manufacturers for quite some time now. Toyota, one such carmaker that invests in developing this technology, intends to launch a hybrid car with solid-state batteries by 2025. With more companies shifting focus toward the EV market, it’s not surprising that solid-state batteries, as well as advanced platforms, … Read more

Toyota’s 745-Mile Solid-State Battery Breakthrough, Explained

Summary Toyota has been promising the development of solid-state EV batteries for over a decade but failed to deliver on previous timelines. The company claims its solid-state batteries will offer a range of up to 745 miles on a single charge and can be fast-charged in 10 minutes or less. Toyota is also working on … Read more

Explained: Solid-state Batteries vs Lithium-ion Batteries

Solid-State Battery Concept

Summary Solid-state batteries offer higher energy density, shorter manufacturing times, rapid charging capabilities, and a reduced risk of fires compared to lithium-ion batteries. They have the potential to revolutionize electric vehicle performance. However, solid-state batteries face challenges such as recycling difficulties, scarcity of key materials like lithium, and dendrite formation that can cause short circuits. … Read more

Toyota’s 745-mile Solid-state Batteries: Everything Reported So Far

Toyota has announced that it has a solid-state battery in development that will achieve an astonishing 745 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, Toyota seems to imply that one can get 745 miles with normal driving— its announcements do not come with any disclaimers like “If driven very cautiously without using the heater or the … Read more

This New Solid-State Battery Design Will Offer 10-minute Charge And 6,000 Cycles

A team of scientists from Harvard have devised a solid-state battery that can resist dendrites, a problem that has dogged solid-state batteries since the automakers began trying to put them into cars. While solid-state batteries (or SSBs) promise to handle fast-charging better than any current-generation EV battery, they are not immune to degradation. Dendrites are … Read more

How Toyota’s 745-mile Solid-state Battery Stacks Up Against The Competition

If it’s not the most anticipated battery in the history of EVs, it should be. Toyota has been promising a solid-state EV battery that will bring a range-extending miracle to electric cars. If Toyota’s PR department (and the general buzz around solid-state batteries in general) is to be believed, all the beloved buzzwords of mediocre … Read more

Volkswagen’s Solid-state Battery Tests Yield Promising Results; Here’s What We Know

Move over, Toyota. Volkswagen Group may have taken the lead on solid-state batteries. The German auto manufacturer has announced that its battery, co-developed with California-based solid-state battery company QuantumScape, has passed its first tests. That’s right, someone in the auto industry has finally gotten a solid-state EV battery out of the designing laboratory. According to … Read more

Honda’s Progress With The Solid-state Battery Development Could Make It A Force To Reckon With

For several years, solid-state batteries have been like the stars at night. For various reasons, SSBs just never seem ready to leave the laboratory. However, Honda has come up with a small but crucial design change that could finally push solid-state batteries out of the research center and onto the pavement: inner protective layers. This … Read more

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