Honda’s Newest CBR Is The Perfect Nemesis Of The Kawasaki Ninja 500

Summary Honda’s latest CBR400R has been updated for 2024. It has a 399cc, twin-cylinder engine, which is a re-tuned version of the CBR500’s mill. Despite its sleek design and impressive specs, the CBR400R is unlikely to hit American shores, focusing on Japanese market needs. It’s a new day, it’s a new motorcycle. Meet the updated … Read more

What Honda’s Partnership With GM Means For Its EV And Hydrogen Future

2024 Honda Prologue

Summary Honda and GM’s partnership has resulted in two vehicles, the Prologue EV and the Acura ZDX, both sharing a platform with the Ultium-based Chevrolet Blazer. The companies have formed Fuel Cell Systems Manufacturing LLC to manufacture hydrogen fuel cells, with a factory already in operation outside of Detroit. Honda and GM are focusing on … Read more

Unlocking Honda’s SUV Excellence: A Comprehensive Guide

Gray 2023 Honda CR-V Vs. 2023 Honda Passport

In today’s SUV market, there are few automakers, that have seen the success that Honda has. Their exceptional starting prices, unwavering reliability, and brilliant blend of tech and comfort have helped them stand out in a sea of rising competitors. Every one of Honda’s offerings has its appeal and the Japanese brand has managed to … Read more

How Honda’s Hydrogen Business Strategy Revolves Around Its Next-gen Fuel Cell System

The BMW iX5 Hydrogen in white

Honda is going hydrogen. It’s not correct to say that the Japanese automaker is “pivoting to hydrogen” because it is also getting into battery-powered EVs. Nevertheless, hydrogen is about to take on a big share of Honda’s operations. The company isn’t preparing to put out a full lineup of hydrogen cars (though FCEVs do figure … Read more

Honda’s Vintage MT125R GP Racer Comes Back to Life

This story was originally posted here in December 2012. Racing is only a hobby for Calgary artist Bill Rodgers, but going fast just got more exciting. He’s been modifying a 1970s Honda XL250 for 20 years, competing in AHRMA’s 350 Sportsman category. It’s completely outclassed – but because it’s well-prepared, Rodgers never finishes last. “It’s … Read more

When American-Made Hondas Were Sold In The Japanese Domestic Market

Summary Honda imported American-made Accords to Japan in 1988, marking the first time an American-made Japanese car was imported into the country. The American-made Accord Coupe had a left-hand drive (LHD) and featured the most powerful engine available for that model at the time. Honda did not produce right-hand drive (RHD) cars in America, so … Read more

Honda’s Progress With The Solid-state Battery Development Could Make It A Force To Reckon With

For several years, solid-state batteries have been like the stars at night. For various reasons, SSBs just never seem ready to leave the laboratory. However, Honda has come up with a small but crucial design change that could finally push solid-state batteries out of the research center and onto the pavement: inner protective layers. This … Read more

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