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These Advanced Radar Technologies Are Enhancing Motorcycle Safety

An rear action shot of a YAMAHA Tracer 9 GT+

[ad_1] Summary Automotive radar has evolved significantly since the 1970s. Bosch leads in motorcycle safety tech with radar systems, potentially preventing one in seven accidents. Vayyar Imaging’s 4D imaging radar sensors, like those in Piaggio motorcycles, offer high-end safety with fewer sensors and lower costs. Radar systems (Radio Direction And Ranging systems) are already well-established … Read more

10 Battery Technologies Currently In Development

Red 2023 Toyota bZ4X

[ad_1] As the electric vehicle technology continues to advance, batteries are becoming more crucial than ever. In the past decade, advances in battery technology have already enabled electric vehicles to travel further, charge faster, and become more affordable for consumers. Battery technology is rapidly evolving, with new and exciting developments around the corner. Current battery … Read more

10 New Technologies Taking The Motorcycle World By Storm

[ad_1] In the 1950s, when the Vincent Black Shadow came out, a multi-brake setup was considered revolutionary. In the 1980s, BMW brought out the K100 with the first-ever ABS on a bike. And in the late 2000s, we got to see the first ever IMU in Ducati 1098. Every generation of motorcycles has seen such … Read more

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