Why The Rivian R1T Is The Truck To Beat When It Comes To Overlanding And Camping Vehicles

Going camping or off-roading can be quite a delicate experience. You need to make sure you have all the food, provisions, and equipment you need for your little escapade away from the comfort of the city. But most importantly, you need to pick the right vehicle, and when it comes to the EV market, it … Read more

These 12 EVs Beat Their EPA Estimates In Consumer Reports’ Real-world Range Tests

With the EV revolution in full swing, most automakers are expanding and innovating in the segment. The holy-grail of factors motivating the potential customer is the vehicle’s maximum range. EPA has always served as the go-to for an EV’s advertised range, but a recent range test by Consumer Report challenged those figures. In a real-world … Read more

10 Sports Bikes That Can Beat A Tesla Model 3 Performance In A Drag Race

Drag racing is an exciting sport. Yes, it doesn’t have the fast corners of a racetrack or the high jumps of an MX trail, but it’s got a unique charm of its own. Even when you’re not on a drag strip, it’s always fun to twist your bike’s throttle and experience it surging ahead while … Read more

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