Here’s How Ford Made Its EVs All The More Lucrative

Ford Mustang EV Rendering

Remember a point in time when cars were getting more and more expensive? That was especially true during the pandemic-induced new car shortage, where dealer markups became the norm for the average consumer. In 2024, however, things are not the way they used to be–especially for Ford’s electric cars. The Blue Oval brand seems to … Read more

12 Cheapest EVs In 2024: Budget-Friendly Electric Car Prices

Not too long ago, battery electric vehicles were the definitive future of motoring. In the oil-is-murder society, the BEV was seen as a beacon of hope in the apocalyptic future of climate change. Back then, though, they were, at best, prototypes that weren’t commercially viable by any measure. After nearly two decades, the BEV has … Read more

10 Discontinued EVs That Should Make A Comeback

Orange 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

The automotive industry’s shift towards sustainable mobility has been punctuated by the evolution and proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) across the market. From pioneering models to the latest technological advancements, electric vehicles have made significant strides in capturing consumer interest and reshaping the transportation landscape. This collection of narratives illuminates the journey of various EV … Read more

Toyota Reaffirms Its EV Commitment With A $1.3 Billion Investment To Build EVs

Gray 2024 Toyota bZ4X parked

Toyota, the iconic automaker synonymous with reliability and fuel efficiency, has long danced around the all-electric revolution. While pioneering hybrid technology and remaining a global giant, it faced criticism for lagging behind in pure electric vehicles (EVs). However, a recent $1.3 billion investment in a Kentucky plant dedicated to producing an unnamed three-row electric SUV … Read more

Here’s How Tesla EVs Are Impacted By The Inflation Reduction Act In 2024

Tesla Model 3

The year 2023 witnessed a significant jolt in the American electric vehicle (EV) landscape. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a complex legislation, championed by the Biden administration, injected vital energy into the United States’ EV ambitions, aiming to accelerate adoption and bolster domestic manufacturing. The IRA mandates that to qualify for the full $7,500 credit, … Read more

10 Mainstream EVs That Can Eat Up The Ford Mustang GT

Rimac Nevera

Summary EVs offer superior performance compared to gas-powered cars, as demonstrated by 10 mainstream EVs that are faster to 60 mph than the 2024 Ford Mustang GT. The Polestar 2, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Genesis GV60 are among the EVs that outpace the Mustang GT, highlighting the rapid acceleration capabilities of electric vehicles. The Tesla … Read more

Here’s Proof That Toyota Still Believes EVs Won’t Dominate The Future

Supersonic Red bZ4X Limited AWD front-quarter

Summary Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda believes that electric vehicles will only make up 30% of the global market share, with the remaining 70% consisting of hybrids, fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs), and hydrogen engines. Toyoda emphasizes that full electrification is not feasible everywhere, as there are still one billion people around the world living in areas … Read more

Even Tesla EVs Don’t Have This Feature That Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai Does

The Toyota Mirai has long been an innovative yet painfully misunderstood vehicle. Using hydrogen to run, this became one of the first wide-scale releases EVER to do it, all while being a passion project for the execs at Toyota. The Mirai boasts endless specs, from its recharge and power-out capability (this is a big one) … Read more

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