Meet The Scrambler So Efficient, It Can Beat Harley-Davidsons In Range - SUV VEHICLE

Meet The Scrambler So Efficient, It Can Beat Harley-Davidsons In Range


  • Mash Scrambler 50 offers retro design and impressive fuel economy but lacks speed and modern features like disc brakes.
  • With a low price point of £2,299, this moped is a budget-friendly option.
  • Despite looking slightly disproportionate, the Mash Scrambler 50 offers a unique retro design tailored for entry-level riders in the UK market.

What’s a moped? The definition is up for grabs, but generally, it refers to a sub-50cc bike with an automatic transmission and even a pedal. But modern mopeds don’t really fit this definition, and the Mash Scrambler 50 is one such example. It’s a sub-50cc offering but lacks pedals and promises a proper motorcycle experience instead.

As a refresher, Mash Motors is a French motorcycle manufacturer that produces a variety of motorcycles, from puny scooters to 650cc retro nakeds. It’s unheard of in America but is a successful brand in some parts of Europe and Britain. The Scrambler 50 is its latest creation.

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Mash Scrambler 50
Mash Motors

The Mash Scrambler 50 is a moped with a puny 49cc engine, so it’s not the fastest thing in the world. Heck, it might not even be the fastest thing inside a mall. After all, it’s primarily built for the entry-level licenses in the UK. Still, it packs enough punch (if we can even call it that) to get you places.

Mash Motors claims this motorcycle has an astonishing fuel economy of 176.6 MPG! On a single tank of gas, which is 3.69 gallons, you can travel over 543.7 miles on this little moped. For reference, that’s enough to ride from New York to Cleveland — although you and the bike will be super uncomfortable.

Apart from the simple engine, the bike also gets the basics right, at least for a moped. The seat height is low, the weight is feather-light, and it is suspended on standard forks and dual rear shocks. While it comes with drum brakes at either end, the pictures contain a disc brake at the front, so that remains to be seen when the bike hits the roads. Oh and, there’s a kickstart for retro fanatics!

Mash Scrambler 50 Specifications

Engine Type

Air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder





Seat Height

31.49 inch


231.48 pounds

(Specs sourced from Mash Motors)

Retro Design That Conceals Its Rather Basic Nature

For high-performance addicts like us, this moped may seem like a joke. Drum brakes, kickstart, and whatnot. But for those who use such bikes, this one will tick the design box quite well. Sure, it’s not a Bonneville, but it hits the retro spot right. It’s got a peanut tank, flat seat, chrome fenders, dual-tone paint, tank pads, and fork boot covers.

The design does look slightly disproportionate, though, especially in the engine area (large gaps between the frame and the engine). Even the matte black exhaust looks cheap and basic, and it’s easy to see a bunch of hoses and wires running around the bike. One might even argue that this isn’t a scrambler. Well, guess what, it’s a moped — it’s not even a real motorcycle for some bikers!

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Mash Scrambler 50: Price, Colors, And Availability

Starting MSRP: £2,299 ($2,905)

Mash Scrambler 50
Mash Motors

In the UK, the Mash Scrambler 50 is priced at £2299, including VAT, which is a terrific deal by both UK and American standards. It comes in two color options; brown or black. The strong price is likely due to Mash’s Chinese connection, as these bikes are built in China and exported to the UK. Not to mention, the US market has some solid (and more affordable) options from brands like CSC Motors. So we don’t think the Scrambler 50 would make a whole lot sense here, which is probably why Mash isn’t even trying. We’d love to see its 650cc scramblers here, though.

So would you want to see this in the American market? Or are you happy to skip it? Tell us in the comments.

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