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Every Ford Maverick Easter Egg We’ve Seen So Far


The Ford Maverick is in hot demand right now, and whether you’ve been lucky enough to pick one up, are waiting for delivery, or are interested in purchasing one down the line, there are some exciting hidden bonuses that Ford has included that you may not know about. These ‘Easter Eggs’ range from secret bonuses to funny references, even a few handy features you may not have noticed before.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Ford Maverick, it is Ford’s smallest pickup truck – their ‘compact truck’ – and perfectly demonstrates the old saying that good things come in small packages. With MSRP starting at just $23,815 for the Maverick XL, you get a whole lot of truck for the money despite the compact size. The fact that Ford has included some hidden extras is the icing on an already very attractive cake, and if you’re a Maverick fan, you’ll definitely want to know about these hidden features.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to Ford fans that the new Maverick comes with some lighthearted easter eggs, as the original model had a similar sense of humor attached to it; the paint options were puns such as Thanks Vermilion, Freudian Gilt, Hulla Blue, Original Cinnamon and Anti-Establish Mint. Another indicator of Ford’s sense of humor was the 2021 collaboration they had with Oreo.

In the last few weeks of development before the Maverick release, the Ford team got through their crunch by fueling long days with upwards of 100 packages of Oreos – after hearing about this, the team over at Oreo gave Ford fans the chance to win the perfect way to hide their Oreo stash; in packaging designed to look like the Ford Maverick owner’s manual.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from authoritative sources including Chief Marketer, Maverick Truck Club, Ford Authority, CarBuzz, and Ford.

Model Overview
2024 Ford Maverick: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

The compact pickup segments may be currently small, but the Ford Maverick dominates as the most truck for the buck with unrivaled performance.

10 FITS And Back Seat Storage

A Compact Truck With Plenty Of Storage Space

2023 Ford Maverick Lariat Interior storage

Despite the Maverick being a compact truck, Ford has made sure to pay special attention to storage and maximizing space, so there are no wasted areas inside the truck. They’ve even included a few extra storage spots you may not be aware of under the back seat, super handy for keeping odds and ends, a recovery kit, or even a small fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.

FITS Attachments Available

  • Cup holder
  • Phone cable organizer
  • Bag hooks
  • Storage or trash bin
  • Dividers for under rear seat storage

Another very handy easter egg is in the door pockets; not only do they have space for a water bottle, but the bottle can snap in and hold in place when you’re on the move. Need even more storage in your Ford Maverick? Ford has included their FITS (Ford Integrated Tether System) slots behind the center console and under the rear seats that can be paired with 3D printable attachments to connect a range of useful accessories.

9 Card Slot

The Hybrid Model Gets A Very Useful Addition

Ford Maverick card slot below drive mode selector
Catman @ Maverick Truck Club

There have been many posts online from users asking what exactly the slot below the drive mode toggle is; some theories suggest simply more storage, or perhaps a credit card holder to charge your passengers for gas, or maybe just because a car can never have too many slots.

Ways You Can Use Your Card Slot

  • Parking Pass
  • Credit Card
  • Toll Pass
  • ID Badge
  • Cash

Before you start planning how to use this bonus goodie – this magic slot is only in the hybrid version of the Maverick, but for those lucky enough to have this handy little part in their truck, it’s a very useful card slot! Ideal for keeping a parking pass or work ID badge within quick reach, you could also make use of the slot for some extra cash, a credit card, or even a coffee loyalty card, so you never miss that free cup of the good stuff.

8 Hidden Dash Raptor

The Maverick Gives A Nod To Its Big Brother

Ford Maverick Raptor Easter Egg
WhenWeDie666 @ Maverick Truck Club

It’s unclear whether this next one is an easter egg or some sort of layover from the Maverick’s bigger brother, but if you’re following a car, the instrument panel will display the image of a Ford Ranger Raptor from behind.

How To Find The Raptor

  • While in traffic, keep an eye on the instrument panel.
  • When following a car, the Raptor rearview will appear.
  • Remember to drive safely!

Given that the Maverick shares Ford’s SYNC 3 technology with only the Bronco Sport and Explorer, whereas the Ranger Raptor uses the newest version SYNC 4, it seems the chance that this is some leftover code coming through is less likely. SYNC 4A has its own easter egg, with the lead developer of the Sketch app included with the unit adding a little surprise in honor of his daughter Rose; tap rapidly at the top of the Sketch app for four seconds and a hand-drawn red rose appears.

7 The Maverick Wheels

A Nod To Its Predecessor

Red 2022 Ford Maverick

Stepping outside of the Maverick is where you’ll find some of the best easter eggs included by Ford, starting with a nod to the original model’s nameplate in the wheel design (depending on the wheels you choose). The Maverick badge from the 1970s bore a stylized longhorn which can be seen in these two wheel options; the 17-inch Machined-face Carbonized Gray painted Aluminum Wheels or the 17-inch Machined-face Tarnished Dark Painted Aluminum Wheels with Orange Painted Pockets.

Original Nameplate Badge vs Current Wheel Design

While the namesake is more of a coincidence than an intentional reference, it’s nice to see a little nod to the car that first carried the Maverick name. Would it have been better to use the original badge again and lean more heavily into the Maverick brand, sure, especially since Ford has made it clear this was a marketing decision primarily – but that doesn’t stop Maverick owners from getting a hold of an original badge and attaching it to the truck themselves!

6 Engine Shut Off

A Rare Feature But Could Be A Helpful One

Disable engine shut off by going through Settings then Vehicle then toggle 30min Max Idle to Off

Much like the bonus card slot, the hybrid Ford Maverick comes with another very useful easter egg that you may not know about – especially if you’re rarely leaving your truck idling. Also featured in other Ford models like the Expedition, Explorer, and Ranger Raptor, the Maverick has a handy engine idle shut-off in case you have an extended wait while parked.

How To Turn Off (Temporarily) Engine Shut Off

  • Inside SYNC3; go to Settings.
  • Select ‘Vehicle’
  • Toggle ’30min Max Idle’ to Off
  • From the Information Display;
  • Using the steering wheel control scroll to Settings
  • Press OK to select Vehicle
  • Untick ‘Auto Engine off’

Just put your hybrid Maverick into ‘Park’ and a 30-minute timer will begin, and when it runs down the engine will shut off automatically for you – also switching off the ignition to save on battery power. While this is not a feature you can disable permanently, you can turn it off for your current trip and the next time you start the truck it’ll turn itself back on.

5 Air Conditioning During Calls

Don’t Let A Full Blast Fan Ruin Call Clarity

Interior view of a 2024 Ford Maverick Lariat with Tremor Package

Need to make a phone call or use voice commands, but you need the air-conditioner blasting in the summer? Ford has you covered. As soon as you begin a call, the climate control will automatically lower the fan speed until you’re done, then pick back up to exactly where it was, giving you a nice window without all the background noise.

Climate Control’s Bonus Features

  • Silence air con noise during calls and voice commands
  • Heat or cool the car to 72 degrees
  • Pre-heat (or cool) the car with remote start
  • Make sure you set climate control to ‘Automatic’ to get the most out of it

That’s not all it can do with the air-con; if you set the climate control to ‘automatic’, the car will heat or cool itself to a comfy 72 degrees for you when you switch on the ignition – or even better, when you use the remote start – getting the temperature to the perfect comfortable level by the time you jump in.

4 Bed Cubby

It’s Even Bigger On The Inside!

Close up of the storage cubby in the truck bed of the 2024 Ford Maverick

Much like the FITS system and hidden storage boxes under the rear seats inside the Maverick, Ford has given drivers some handy bonuses in the bed. You’ve probably seen the little cubby space on the right-hand side that can be opened up to fit odds and ends, but it may seem like too small a space for anything terribly useful.

Make The Most Of Your Bed Cubby

  • Can store all kinds of useful bits and bobs;
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Bottle jack
  • Recovery kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Tow hitch

However, the bottom of the cubby is actually a tray that can be taken out, giving you enough space for a fire extinguisher, bottle jack, or jumper cables. Storage is clearly a priority for Ford despite the compact nature of the Maverick, so being able to expand the size of the bed cubby is a great way to boost the utility of the truck – especially if you’re planning on filling the bed and won’t have space for extra toolboxes or storage of your own. Once the floor of the cubby is removed, it can sit right up against the cubby door and lock into place so you don’t have to worry about a loose part floating around or getting lost.

3 QR Codes

Bed Configuration Ideas Just A Quick QR Scan Away

You may notice there’s a QR code on the little door to the rear cubby on the right-hand side of the bed; scanning this code will take you to a super useful list of storage configuration options for the Maverick bed, and a list of 3D printable parts you can use with the FITS slots inside the truck.

How To Access Your Maverick’s QR Codes

  • One code is located under the rear seats in the storage buckets
  • One code is located on the bed cubby door
  • Just open your phone’s camera and point at the QR codes
  • Follow the links and get inspired!

Getting access to the hidden QR codes is relatively simple (on the cubby door, and under the rear seats), and once you scan them you’ll be taken to a Ford website with a wealth of information for Maverick owners; from 3D printable bits and pieces, to videos showing you how to modify your bed.

2 Bottle Opener

Summer Afternoons Just Got Even Better

Close up of the tie down anchors on the tailgate of the 2024 Ford Maverick

If you thought the Maverick couldn’t get any better for zipping around in comfort while still having enough grunt to tow or load up the bed, Ford has included a very nice little easter egg on the tailgate that will be music to the ears of football fans or weekend warriors. Lower the tailgate, and you’ll find a built-in bottle opener on the left-hand side, perfect for cracking open a cold one while you’re working on your truck or tailgating at the football.

Where’s The Bottle Opener?

  • Like the other Maverick easter eggs, it’s easy to find;
  • Lower the tailgate
  • Check the left-hand side wall of the tailgate
  • Grab a cold one and keep working with refreshments

There’s no hidden switch or trick to access this handy little bonus, it’s built into the side of the tailgate in a convenient, easy-to-reach spot, and won’t interfere with loading or unloading gear from the bed. It’s a bit of a strange easter egg to include, but Ford must have a good idea of what their fans will be wanting on the Maverick – and if you finish up a hard day with a cold drink, it’s the perfect addition.

1 The Legendary ‘Jenny’

The World’s Most Famous Phone Number

Ford Maverick manual features an easter egg, a reference to Tommy Tutone’s track 867-5309/Jenny

Digging through your owner’s manual is always a great way to discover all the ins and outs of a truck like the Maverick, but if you’re the type to keep it in the glove box until there’s a problem that needs identifying, you may not have seen some of these great additions Ford included. Speaking of glove boxes, this Ford Maverick actually has one! The original fastback sedan was strangely missing a glove box, so it’s almost an easter egg in itself that the new model includes one.

How To Find This Legendary Reference

Sneaking a peak into your owner’s manual, you’ll find a very entertaining and often-used reference from the 1980s and 90s, Tommy Tutone’s track 867-5309/Jenny. One of the most famous phone numbers of all time, one nutrition business paid $25 million just to lease the number for their promotions, and Ford has included it under the SYNC 3 tips for making calls.


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