2024 Ford Maverick Fuel Economy And Maintenance Costs Explained


  • Fuel economy is a high priority for Americans when buying a new car, and the 2024 Ford Maverick offers reasonable combined MPG.
  • The yearly maintenance costs for the Ford Maverick may be higher than average, but it presents a reliable choice in the compact pickup segment.
  • With three available trims and powertrains, the Ford Maverick provides various options for a budget-friendly pickup truck with great features.

If you are looking at buying a pickup truck in 2024, you want to be sure that after forking out your hard-earned cash for one; you aren’t lumbered with high maintenance costs each year, expensive gas bills, and constant repairs. With so many pickup trucks from the likes of Ford, Ram, Chevrolet, and Toyota all fighting for top spot in a very busy, changing, and growing segment that is not only concerned with towing ability, raw power, and the best off-road credentials, but also with low-maintenance costs, an economical powertrain, it can become a lot of information to sieve through.

This is why we have gathered information from multiple sources to bring you the fuel economy information, maintenance costs and trims available for one of our favorite compact pickup trucks for 2024. The 2024 Ford Maverick. Though it has been voted as Top Speed’s best compact pickup truck of the year, and though it is a dominant compact pickup in a competitive market, there is some hot competition from other auto-makers who are seriously challenging its status. Below, you will also find useful information about common problems with the 2024 Ford Maverick and what engine options are available.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Ford, and other authoritative sources, including NHTSA, Fuel Economy.gov, Statista, AAA, HotCars, Car Survey.org, and Repair Pal.

2024 Ford Maverick: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

The compact pickup segments may be currently small, but the Ford Maverick dominates as the most truck for the buck with unrivaled performance.

High Combined MPG From Both Powertrains

Like most auto-makers in today’s more eco-conscious market, Ford has released the 2024 Ford Maverick with a choice of powertrains, depending on what kind of trucking you want to do. A pure ICE engine or a hybrid engine is available but, a little more on that later though.

According to Statista, one of the highest priorities for buying a new car for Americans is fuel efficiency. With that in mind, it is fortunate that from whichever powertrain option you choose to feature in your 2024 Ford Maverick, you will be able to achieve a reasonably high combined MPG.

Hybrid Powertrain Combined MPG: 37

According to Fuel Economy.gov, the 2024 Ford Maverick trim that features a hybrid-powertrain can achieve a combined MPG of 37 MPG. Now that figure may not sound as impressive as some offered by electric pickup trucks that are available in 2024, but that is still a higher figure compared to one of the Maverick’s highly regarded competitors in the hybrid-pickup truck market. The 2024 Toyota Tundra Hybrid, for example, can achieve a combined MPG of 20 MPG.

The state of Wyoming is the state where pickup trucks are sold the most frequently. The current average gas price in Wyoming is $3.30, so if you fill the hybrid Maverick’s 13.8 gallon gas tank in Wyoming it would cost you $45.54. For that price, you will be able to drive an estimated 511 miles.

ICE Powertrain Combined MPG: 27

Similarly to the hybrid powertrain option, the ICE engine that is also available in the 2024 Ford Maverick can achieve a reasonable, but predictably lower, combined MPG of 27 MPG. The gas tank featured on the ICE version has a larger tank size of 16.5 gallons.

If you filled up the tank in Wyoming at the average gas price of $3.30, it would cost you $54.45. For that price, you would be able to drive an estimated 445 miles.

10 Things You Should Know About The Ford Maverick Hybrid

The Maverick Hybrid is a reliable and eco-friendly choice for daily commutes and weekend adventures without compromising on performance or versatility

Reasonable Running Costs For Every Trim

2024 Ford Maverick in gray Posing on desert road

Like many, one of your highest considerations when buying a new pickup truck in 2024 may be reliability and longevity. Because of ease and rising costs elsewhere in everyone’s lives, you are probably looking for a reliable pickup truck in 2024 that will be on the road more than in the garage.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be towing something, hauling, or hitting the trails, and your beloved truck fails on you. Yearly maintenance and repair costs are a huge factor for a lot of pickup truck owners, and could mean the difference between buying the one you have been eyeing up or not.

Ford Maverick Yearly Average Maintenance Costs

Unfortunately, there is not enough data on Repair Pal yet for the 2024 Ford Maverick to offer a detailed breakdown of yearly maintenance costs. We will probably have to wait until next year for that, but according to Repair Pal, Ford is rated overall as 3.5 out of 5 stars for reliability. That puts them in 21st position out of 32 mainstream auto-makers they have rated.

They have also stated that the average cost of maintaining a Ford vehicle each year is $775, which is more expensive than average. This could be due to the 15% probability of the repair being severe, or due to the slightly higher average rate of unscheduled garage visits of 0.3 times.

Common Ford Maverick Problems

As with the yearly maintenance costs, insufficient data has currently been gathered by Repair Pal regarding the most common problems that occur with the 2024 Ford Maverick. They have also listed zero reported problems with the Ford Maverick lineup in the last few years in general, but have given an estimated repair cost range of $1,158 to $1,232 for a replacement fuel pump, $79 to $100 for tire and wheel assembly balance and rotation, and $157 and $180 for spark-plug replacement.

The number of reported issues stated by Repair Pal is contrasted with what has been published by the NHTSA, who have said that there are two recalls for the 2024 Ford Maverick. One for a potential leaky fuel tank, and the second regarding a non-functioning turn signal. Both would need looking into for you to be safe on our roads, but if you are buying new, this should be covered by Ford’s or the dealer’s warranty. Always check though.

There have also been four complaints logged on the NHTSA about the 2024 Ford Maverick already. The complaints are regarding the TPMS system showing an intermittent communications failure warning, the already mentioned leaking fuel tank, and two complaints about loss of power from the engine. Again, it is always best to check what the warranty covers.

Why The Ford Maverick Hybrid Makes Perfect Sense

The Ford Maverick Hybrid is a perfect storm of pocket-friendliness, satisfying performance, and elite efficiency, making it an ideal choice.

2024 Ford Maverick Trims

2024 Ford Maverick Hybrid

There are three trim levels for the 2024 Ford Maverick, all that offer a different driving experience. They are called the XL, which is the base trim, the XLT, the mid-range option, and the Lariat, which offers the most luxurious experience.

With an MSRP of $23,815 for the base model 2024 Ford Maverick, it offers a reasonably low starting price for a new pickup truck compared to the likes of the 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Unlimited, which has a huge price tag of $82,500. Yes, it does offer a hugely impressive range of tech and features, off-road capability, and comfort, but the price is not totally reflective of the market and a lot of people’s budget for a new truck this year.

2024 Powertrain Options And Specifications

All three trims available this year can be purchased with either a 2.0-liter eco-boost engine or the more economical 2.5-liter hybrid powertrain. Most other pickup truck manufacturers don’t offer a hybrid powertrain on all their trims, so the 2024 Ford Maverick is special already in that sense.

It also means you can choose the powertrain depending on what kind of driving you want to do. It is worth noting, though, the option for the hybrid engine will cost you an extra $4,500 on top of each trim’s MSRP.


2.0-Liter Inline-Four

2.5-Liter Hybrid


Eight-Speed Shiftable Automatic



250 Horsepower

191 Horsepower


277 Pound-Feet

155 Pound-Feet


Front-Wheel Drive or All-Wheel Drive

Front-Wheel Drive

Top Speed



0 – 60 MPH



Towing Capacity

4,000 Pounds

2,000 Pounds

Payload Capacity

1,000 Pounds

1,500 Pounds

(Data collected from Ford)

TopSpeed’s Best Compact Pickup Truck 2024: Ford Maverick

If you need a pickup for light duty jobs, here is your best option for the 2024 model year.

2024 Ford Maverick Key Features

We have already mentioned the base trim MSRP above, but if you are looking to buy the Ford Maverick XLT featuring the ICE engine, it will set you back $26,315, and the Lariat featuring the ICE engine will cost you $34,855. All three trims come equipped with standard features such as an 8-inch central touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and cruise control.

So, for a budget-friendly pickup truck with a host of good capabilities, there are a lot of great standard features boasted. All trims also feature some impressive off-road capabilites, such as a good angle of approach of 20.6 or 21.6 degrees, depending on what trim you choose, and a minimum ground clearance of either 8.3-inches or 8.6 inches, again depending on if you chose the all-wheel drive option or front-wheel drive option.

The XLT trim showcases a little more than the base trim and comes equipped with 10 tie-down points in the bed, LED bed lighting, 17-inch carbonized gray-painted aluminum wheels, and the highly renowned FLEXBED. The cabin features 6-way adjustable bucket-seats, 4-way adjustable passenger seats, convenience features such as plenty of cup-holders, a central storage unit, and the choice of customizable cloth seat designs.

The highest trim available for the 2024 Ford Maverick is the Lariat. This trim is by far the most luxurious trim and boasts an enhanced comfort, convenience, style, and driving experience. Boasting 18-inch machined-face bright wheels, the Ford360 Assistant Package, Active X 8-way power adjustable driver bucket seat, a hefty silver grille bar up front, 4-pin trailer hitch, and an impressive 40.3-inches of front headroom.

The Lariat variant has not only been designed to be a comfortable place to be, but much like the rest of the 2024 Ford Maverick lineup, also to be a hard-working compact pickup truck that has the potential to save you money in the long run, in part thanks to its estimated long range, i.e., fuel economy.

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