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Ford Maverick Tremor Pricing Off-Road Equipment Explained


Pickup trucks have been some of the most popular vehicles in the United States for decades, and for a good reason. Their practicality, size, and looks make them hard to resist, with the segment reaching all-new heights in 2024. While much of the attention has been on the full-size and mid-size categories, the compact pickup truck scene is just as competitive.

The Ford Maverick nameplate was first used in 1970 as a two-door or four-door sedan. However, in 2021, Ford revived the nameplate, instead using it for their all-new flagship compact pickup truck. Despite being much cheaper than Ford’s larger pickups, the Maverick is still a capable truck, which is bolstered heavily by the Tremor Package.

The goal of the package is to extract the most off-road performance from the truck without sacrificing the standout functionality that the 2024 Maverick provides as standard. Also, with some exterior changes, here’s everything that you get with the top-of-the-range Tremor package for the Ford Maverick.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Ford, and other authoritative sources, including Car and Driver.

2024 Ford Maverick: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

The compact pickup segments may be currently small, but the Ford Maverick dominates as the most truck for the buck with unrivaled performance.

The Extensive Off-Roading Upgrades With The Tremor Package

Due to its position in the compact pickup truck segment, the Ford Maverick is expected to be cheaper than larger trucks like the Ranger. However, in 2024, the Ford Maverick is the cheapest new pickup truck you can buy, starting at an affordable $23,815. While the base-level Maverick is definitely capable, the XLT Supercrew unlocks the also affordable Tremor package.

The XLT trim starts at $26,315, with the Tremor package adding $3,495. The Tremor package also adds the advanced four-wheel-drive system, bringing the total net price increase to $6,365.

Powered by a 2.0-liter inline-four engine as standard (a 2.5-liter hybrid powertrain is available for an extra $1,500), the Ford Maverick produces a total of 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. Being torque-focused makes the Maverick already equipped for standout off-road performance; the Tremor package fine-tunes each other apart to further enhance its capabilities.

Off-Road Tuned Suspension

One key component that dictates how well a pickup performs off-road is its suspension. With the Tremor package, the suspension for the Ford Maverick is tuned for tackling the trails, including new trim-exclusive springs and shocks designed to improve overall articulation.

2024 Ford Maverick XLT Tremor Performance Specifications


2.0-Liter EcoBoost Inline-Four


8-Speed Automatic


250 HP


277 LB-FT



0-60 MPH

5.9 Seconds

Towing Capacity

2,000 LBS

Payload Capacity

1,500 LBS

(Data was collected from Ford)

Another key feature of the Tremor package is the one-inch ride height lift to 9.4 inches, which is especially helpful in tricky terrain. Although you won’t see it much, the suspension comes with the Tremor icon on the shock absorbers. As for the tires included in the Tremor package, the Maverick gets a set of 17-inch all-terrain tires, further bolstering the traction and overall capabilities of the compact pickup truck off-road.

Advanced Four-Wheel-Drive Unit

The Tremor package, in addition to the fine-tuned suspension, automatically equips the 2024 Maverick with an advanced four-wheel-drive system. Compared to the equally priced all-wheel-drive driveline, the four-wheel-drive option offers more versatility on and off the road.

One of the standout features of the advanced four-wheel-drive driveline is the Maverick’s twin-clutch rear drive unit combined with electronic rear differential locking. The clutch packs automatically decide how much power either the right or left wheel needs and can also be locked together to provide a 50/50 split between each side.

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Cutting-Edge Technology For Every Scenario On The Trails

2024 Ford Maverick-09

As well as upgrading the mechanical elements of the 2024 Maverick, the Tremor package also introduces off-road-focused technology, so the award-winning truck can excel in all conditions. While some features are shared with less expensive packages, such as the FX4 Off-Road package, they see greater benefits when paired with the mentioned trim-exclusive mechanical upgrades.

Five Different Selectable Drive Modes

Without a doubt, one of the most beneficial additions you get with the Tremor package is the drive mode select system, which refines the pickup across the board to best handle different terrain/conditions. You’ll get a total of five different selectable drive modes, including normal, tow/haul, slippery, mud/ruts, and sand.

Regarding the towing capacity of the 2024 Ford Maverick, the compact pickup doesn’t manage to beat out its rivals in this area. The maximum load that the 2024 Maverick can pull is 4,000 pounds, but that’s with the 4K Towing package added on. Unfortunately, the 4K Towing package cannot be selected alongside the Tremor package, resulting in a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 pounds with the off-road package selected.

Off-Road Focused Interior Tech

As standard, the 2024 Maverick comes with plenty of interior technology, combined with high-quality upholstery throughout. The XLT trim of the Maverick comes with a 4.2-inch digital cluster, which lets you switch between the five selectable drive modes and change the display design to suit whichever mode you choose. With the Tremor package, the off-road screen is added to the cluster, which gives you a view of the vehicle’s angle and articulation when off-road.

Further interior technology for the 2024 Ford Maverick includes an 8-inch center touchscreen display and all the essential connectivity features, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Bang & Olufsen surround sound system is one of the best in the industry, renowned for its crisp, high-quality sound. A cool feature that comes with the Tremor package is the orange Tremor logo printed onto the Black Onyx cloth-trimmed front seats, along with orange accent stitching.

A wireless charging pad is also included in the center console in front of the shifter. As with most all-new Ford models, the 2024 Maverick pickup comes with Ford Co-Pilot360, which includes safety/driver assistance features such as:

  • Lane-Keeping Assist
  • Evasive Steering Assist
  • Rear View Camera
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Pro Trailer Backup Assist
  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

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No Shortage Of Exterior Enhancements

Ford Maverick Tremor off-road

In order to ensure that the Tremor package turns the 2024 Ford Maverick into the most capable truck it can be, additional exterior modifications have been made to add versatility to all tasks you’ll be using it for. When off-roading, one of the most impactful modifications will undoubtedly be the front skid plates for underbody protection.

The Tremor features a front bumper designed to maximize the truck’s approach angle, but the skid plates offer extra security on the trails. Moving to the rear, the Tremor package adds a trailer hitch receiver with a four-pin connector, making the towing process much more streamlined overall.

Wide Range Of Visual Updates

Of course, with a package that leads to a $6,365 overall price increase compared to the base Ford Maverick, you’d expect to see exterior design changes to separate the truck from the said base model. Ford most definitely delivers in this department, starting with the updated upper grille design completed with Tremor orange accents. The same orange accents are included throughout the truck’s exterior, including on the wheels, fender vent, and front tow hooks.

One of the most notable design changes is the orange Tremor logo on each side of the Maverick’s bed. Tremor box decals can badges are included throughout, with the orange contrasting with the trim-exclusive Avalanche gray paint color. You’ll also get black chrome headlamps and tail lamps with the Tremor package for the Maverick.

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Is The Tremor Package Worth $3,495?

2024 Ford Maverick

The Tremor package costs an extra $3,495 and $6,365, including the advanced all-wheel-drive trim, so deciding whether the package is worth it is a genuine decision for multiple reasons. Firstly, the 2024 Ford Maverick is the cheapest pickup truck on the market this year, so the sizable differences that the package introduces while still keeping the costs down make it hard to ignore.

While the Maverick offers other packages that focus on different areas such as luxury and towing abilities, no package offers the same level of off-road advancement. The FX4 off-road trim only costs an extra $800 but doesn’t include the same off-road-tweaked suspension system, redesigned front bumper, and extensive exterior design updates that come exclusively with the Tremor off-road package.


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