Tesla Cybertruck may offer wireless vehicle charging – report - SUV VEHICLE

Tesla Cybertruck may offer wireless vehicle charging – report


Service manuals reveal the electric pick-up may be the first Tesla able to recharge its battery pack without needing to be plugged in.

The Tesla Cybertruck electric pick-up may soon be the first model from the US electric-car giant with the ability to charge its battery pack without being plugged in.

Users of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum have found the service manual for the Cybertruck – on sale in the US but not currently planned for Australia – reveals software provisions for ‘inductive charging’, where an electric vehicle’s battery is recharged wirelessly via a charging pad.

Tesla has previously confirmed it is working on the feature but the US electric-car maker has not confirmed which vehicles will offer the technology first – or when it will be available.

Operating in a similar way to a wireless smartphone charging pad, inductive charging sees an electric vehicle equipped with a compatible receiver/transmitter.

It is then parked over a charging pad for its battery top-up to begin, with no need for the vehicle to be plugged in.

The Cybertruck Owners Club post points to blank high-voltage connector plugs the Cybertruck’s service manual says are for an ‘inductive charger’.

It also cites Tesla Cybertruck lead engineer, Wes Morrill, suggesting the multiple blank plugs were related to both the air-conditioning system, and future wireless charging technology.

While the technology has been mooted by many car makers, BMW was the first to introduce wireless vehicle battery charging, announcing a wireless charging pad in a pilot program for its 530e electric sedan in 2018.

In 2020, Norway began trials of a wireless electric taxi fleet in Oslo, where 75kW induction pads were installed at cab ranks around the city designed to recharge taxis as they waited for customers.

Luxury car maker Genesis, part of Hyundai Motor Group, dropped plans for wireless vehicle charging in 2023 after introducing the technology on its GV60 SUV in August 2021, adding the G80 sedan six months later.

The decision to drop the feature – and offload the business developing the technology – was attributed by the car maker to low customer demand in trials of the system.

Critics point to the relatively slow 11kW system providing only the same charging capacity as a conventional AC home ‘wallbox’ set-up meaning a seven-hour wait to replenish the GV60’s pack.

Plans are underway for Australia’s first wireless electric vehicle charging road, designed to top-up the battery packs of heavy vehicles in regional areas.

A 400-metre section of road opened in Detroit, USA, in 2023 featuring conductive charging pads to recharge electric vehicles while they are being driven.

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