Uber introduces new safety features, with women’s welfare in focus

Ethan Cardinal graduated with a Journalism degree in 2020 from La Trobe University and has been working in the fashion industry as a freelance writer prior to joining Drive in 2023. Ethan greatly enjoys investigating and reporting on the cross sections between automotive, lifestyle and culture. Ethan relishes the opportunity to explore how deep cars … Read more

The Ford Focus ST, The History Of The Hot Hatch

Ford Focus RS Front End

Summary Ford Focus quickly became a favorite, with a balance of power, fun, and practicality as a perfect daily driver. Shifting to in-house design led to the world’s best-selling car and the revival of the hot hatch category with the Focus ST. Discontinued in North America, used models remain accessible. Twenty-two years ago, Ford launched … Read more

A Supercharged V-8 Ford Focus That Gives Mustangs A Run For Their Money

Summary A Ford Focus with a 5.0L V-8 engine and performance upgrades challenges the norm and redefines the capabilities of a compact car. This sleeper car combines a modest appearance with hidden power, appealing to those who appreciate high-performance surprises. The modified Focus offers a blend of muscle car power and compact car agility, delivering … Read more

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