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Hybrids Are Doing Well, And Ford’s Sales Are A Testament To That


With the auto market quickly shifting from ICE to hybrid and EVs, companies like Ford have seen major jumps in sales. Considering Ford is an American company that is often seen as gas-heavy, seeing its quick transition to electric powertrains has impressed us and the world. Recent income reports from Ford show the brand is a stronghold in the hybrid, PHEV, and fully electric space.

You have models, including the Mach-E, dominating the EV/SUV segment, while the F-150, Ranger, and Transit nameplates are also doing numbers for the company. Even with hybrids as a base, Ford has become one of the top sellers in North America in only a few years. We have not seen many companies do such a nice job of producing strong, affordable hybrids, PHEVs, and EVs, so whatever is happening at Ford, may it continue.

For most, it’s a race to the finish line, and with these financial reports shining a better light on Ford’s strategy, the brand is already sitting idle, waiting for others to catch up. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Ford’s recent hybrid success and where this leads the U.S. auto manufacturer from here.

To provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, we’ve sourced information from official Ford income reports for Q1 of 2024.

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It’s A Hybrid World, And Ford Is Devouring It

With the 2023 and Q1 2024 sales reports live from Ford, we see a massive jump in hybrid activity across the board. According to the company media report, Ford is the second-ranked electric vehicle brand in the United States. The overall hybrid vehicle sales were up 42-percent, marking the end of the best quarter ever.

This comes at a time when Ford is biting down into the broader electric market, focusing on hybrid vehicles specifically. For the first quarter of this year, Ford sold 38,421 hybrids, between Escape, Maverick, and F-150, which looked extremely promising for the company. You also have the electric side of things seeing record sales, so overall, it’s a great time to be Ford.

Q1 Of 2024 Was Ford’s Best-Ever For Hybrids

Gray Ford F-150 Hybrid

When discussing this recent Ford sales report, it’s worth noting the company has never seen hybrid units moved like this. With Maverick being a specifically successful case for Ford hybrid trucks, you have a jump of 77 percent, which is amazing news for any vehicle, hybrid or not.

Eco-friendly vehicles that are still durable have been Ford’s strategy for trucks specifically, and it is paying off greatly in 2024. You also want to remember that Ford is America’s number one truck retailer, so anything it does within the truck market will make a big splash. Ah, power and influence at its finest.

  • Overall hybrid sales in Q1 were up 42 percent on sales of 38,421 vehicles.
  • Hybrid growth is expected to continue, with the F-150 Hybrid hitting the market at full scale this summer.
  • Total Ford hybrid Q1 2024 vehicle sales were the company’s best ever since releasing them.

The Ford EVs Did Very Well, Too

A special mention to the pure battery electric vehicles as well. Ford sold 20,223 EVs in the first quarter of 2024, making the Blue Oval America’s second-best-selling EV brand, only behind Tesla. Ford sold 9,589 examples of the Mach-E, 7,743 copies of the F-150 Lightning, and 2,891 examples of the E-Transit, marking a growth of 77-percent, 80-percent, and 148-percent, respectively over the same quarter last year.

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Freedom Of Choice: More Moolah In Ford’s Pockets

2024 Ford Maverick

One of the main points in Ford’s Q1 sales report is that the company admits its success is greatly in part due to its ‘freedom to choose’ messaging. You have gas, electric, and hybrid models across the board here, but there’s not an aggressive push in one direction. Yes, Ford wants to move its EVs to the front of the line, but not in a way that shocks or intimidates drivers. For whatever reason, many truck drivers specifically tend to cower in fear at the concept of an electric or semi-electric pickup, so Ford has slowly and precisely transitioned people into hybrids without making a big deal of it.

Hybrids and EVs are becoming Ford staples. That’s not something we thought we’d be saying in 2024. It’s the perfect underdog story for a US auto manufacturer who was once opposed to electric design at a large scale. We love to see it.


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