Mercedes Shows G Wagon Love with ‘Stronger Than Diamonds’ Edition

Love is in the air in Stuggart, and it’s Valentine’s Day, after all. But the G-Class is getting all the attention on this auspicious day with the very limited Stronger Than Diamonds edition SUV. Limited to only 300 units globally and based on the Mercedes-Benz G500 model, this unique luxury off-roader is all about exclusivity … Read more

Next Toyota GR86 could add sedan and wagon variants – report

The latest reports out of Japan suggest Toyota may expand the GR86 model range to include four- and five-door bodies. View 5 images The next-generation Toyota GR86 could be offered as a four-door model, the latest unconfirmed reports claim. Japanese magazine Best Car – which has a history of reporting future product information from within Toyota … Read more

BMW Enters The Electric Wagon Fray With The i5 Touring

Red 2024 BMW 5 Series

The station wagon, once a symbol of family adventures and practicality, has seen its fortunes shift in recent years. While SUVs dominated the scene, wagons quietly persisted, particularly in Europe, where their blend of style, space, and driving dynamics remained appreciated. Now, the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) presents a unique opportunity for the wagon … Read more

BMW 5 Series wagon returning to Australia as electric 2024 i5 M60 Touring, price announced

BMW has changed its mind on the market for a 5 Series wagon in Australia, with confirmation the body style will return for private buyers in high-performance electric form later this year. View 10 images View 10 images PreviousNext The BMW 5 Series Touring will make an unexpected return to Australian showrooms for private buyers between July … Read more

Here’s How The RS6 E-Tron Will Keep Audi’s Wagon Legacy Alive In The EV Era

When the beloved gas-powered Audi RS6 in its original form left the market in 2010, a little bit of Audi’s wagon reputation left with it. But the love for the All-American station wagon isn’t entirely gone. In 2021, Audi came out with the RS6 Avant in an attempt to carry on the original car’s legacy. … Read more

How The Subaru Outback Wagon Managed To Survive And Thrive In A Market Dominated By SUVs

Summary The Subaru Outback stands out in the market dominated by SUVs with its high ground clearance, off-road capability, and standard all-wheel drive. The Outback’s rugged aesthetics, including plastic cladding and raised profile, give it a unique and appealing look, while also providing protection and reducing production costs. With its spacious interior, ample cargo space, … Read more

How To Reduce Drag And Lift With Hatchback And Wagon Rear Spoilers

Rear spoilers on hatchbacks and wagons can be used to reduce either lift or drag. To reduce lift, you want the rear spoiler angled upwards, while to reduce drag, you want the spoiler angled downwards. Let’s start our coverage by looking at reducing drag. After that, we’ll look at reducing lift. Drag Reduction With a … Read more

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