The Truth About Kawasaki Racing’s Green Color Choice 

Summary Green vehicles have been believed to be unlucky and dangerous in the world of racing due to a superstition that originated in NASCAR and later spread to motorcycle races in the 80s. Kawasaki motorcycles are primarily painted in lime green as a way to challenge the superstition and stand out from the competition, with … Read more

The truth about subscription fees in your vehicle

There’s been a lot of to-do about the fact that General Motors is phasing out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in favor of a native navigation system, which will eventually be accompanied by subscription fees. But here’s the thing, this is the way all automakers (including Tesla) are moving. Yes, there’s a free trial period, … Read more

An Industy Insider On The Truth Behind Dealer Markups And How To Avoid Them

Summary Some dealerships stick to the MSRP price to prioritize customer experience and build long-term relationships through good customer service. Selling above MSRP can hurt the brand over time and make cars uncompetitive in the market, limiting potential sales. Regional pricing differences play a significant role in determining dealership markups, with some areas willing to … Read more

We Went To The Garage Of Supposedly Abandoned Cars In Tokyo To Find The Truth

Key Takeaways Abandoned cars in Japan are a growing problem causing space and unpaid parking bills. Removing abandoned cars is legally complicated and can involve lengthy and costly legal processes. Not all cars in supposed “abandoned” supercar parking lots are actually abandoned, with most being in pristine condition. It all starts roughly the same. A … Read more

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