Tesla Model Y - SUV VEHICLE

2024 Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity: What You Need To Know

Red Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y has become an EV superstar since it was first released to the public in 2019. With great range, a mid-tier price, room for five people, and plenty of amenities, this vehicle remains a top choice for many electric drivers. One category that is often overlooked regarding the Model Y, however, is … Read more

Would This Tesla Model Y Muscle Car Make You An EV Enthusiast?

Red Tesla Model Y front-quarter

Although Tesla has yet to release a muscle car (or anything adjacent), we do have renderings of what one could potentially look like. Muscle EVs are still a somewhat obscure niche in the market, with only Dodge attempting to create one. Tesla, the icon it is, could easily surpass the rest by releasing some type … Read more

Here’s How Much It Costs To Charge A Tesla Model Y

Red Tesla Model Y front-quarter

The Tesla Model Y is the most popular electric car option on a global scale. The mid-size crossover offers a combination of versatility, performance, and efficiency at a very competitive starting price. The Model Y is available in the USA as a base rear-wheel drive and Dual-Motor or Performance all-wheel drive. Tesla equips both drivetrains … Read more

15 Solid Alternatives To The Tesla Model Y

Red Tesla Model Y front-quarter

One of the very first electric auto manufacturers out there, Tesla was pretty much, for many years, the first option you had when buying an EV. But the market has changed a lot lately, and Tesla’s models now have to face fierce competition, with the Tesla Model Y being no exception. Tesla’s crossover has a … Read more

Tesla Model Y Reliability: What You Need To Know

Red Tesla Model Y front-quarter

Summary The Tesla Model Y is a popular choice in the all-electric SUV segment, known for its spaciousness, fuel efficiency, safety features, and performance. The 2024 Tesla Model Y lineup includes three trims with varying prices, starting at $42,990 for the base RWD trim and going up to $52,490 for the Performance trim. When considering … Read more

Here’s Why Tesla Has Announced A Temporary Price Cut On The Model Y

Red Tesla Model Y front-quarter

Summary Tesla implements temporary price cuts for Model Y variants in the US, aiming to boost sales during a sluggish period and address cooling demand and rising competition. The price cuts are a proactive measure to defend Tesla’s market share in a crowded EV market, where established automakers are introducing compelling EV models. Aside from … Read more

Used Tesla Model Y: A Comprehensive Guide To Maintenance Costs, Reliability, And Average Prices

Red 2024 Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model Y has become one of the brand’s top-selling vehicles and one of the most popular electric SUVs on the market. Basically an extension of the iconic Model 3, the Model Y SUVs are spacious, modern, and quiet. In the used market, the Tesla Model Y is seeing a bit of a spike … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

2024 Tesla Model Y The Tesla Model Y is a compact electric crossover aimed at small families. It is the highest-selling EV in the global market, thanks to its impressive performance, relatively accessible price point, and impressive safety standards. It’s available in the USA as a base rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive Long Range and … Read more

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